My Favourite Shops: Joy (Part One)

As regular readers will know, N and I are currently saving to buy a flat and for our wedding in November. However, that doesn't leave a massive space in my budget for new clothes (or makeup, for that matter). So I decided to start a little series of posts on my favourite shops, so I can show you all the lovely things I'm currently lusting after and hopefully show you some places you might not necessarily have thought to shop at. This is also something of a wishlist post in the hope that it will make me sit on my hands and not spend (too much) money!

The first shop I'm going to write about is Joy. Even though I go there a lot - admittedly mainly to browse rather than to buy - I've found that a surprising number of people still don't know about it, which is a shame as they have some really lovely things. One of the main things I love there is their dresses. They always have really pretty designs and although they are a little bit on the expensive side, they're also really good quality and won't go out of fashion too quickly.

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The Dawn dress (£49) is an absolute classic. I can see myself wearing it now with black tights and my Mary-Janes and in the summer with tan ballet pumps and a tan belt. I actually went to Joy the other day to try on three dresses and this was the one I thought I wouldn't like, yet it turned out to be the one that suited me best!

The dresses are a big draw for me but sometimes I find that they don't work for me because I am, shall we say, 'blessed' in the chest department and the necklines can be quite high. So whenever I go to Joy, I usually end up buying a top or a skirt rather than a dress, and this season they've got a couple of really cute tops that are currently on my radar.

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It's a fox. He's wearing glasses. What is not to love? This is something I'd wear for a casual Saturday of just hanging out with friends and family or schlepping round the shops. This little chap will set you back £24 and also comes in pink.
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More red! I'm always on the lookout for nice girly tops as it's still an area I struggle with, but this is perfect. I love black and red together and also the polka dot print and bow at the back add nice details. I'd wear this top with my black skinny jeans, ballet pumps or ankle boots and a slick of red lipstick. It's £28 and you can also get versions in black and white.

Joy also stocks loads of lovely skirts with wonderfully quirky prints - they often do a dress and a skirt version of a pattern, so if you like the print on a dress but the shape doesn't suit you then you might be able to pick it up in a skirt. This is the one I'm loving at the moment:
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I'm starting to sense a bit of a theme here... but then I would put bows on everything if it was up to me. Again it's something I'd wear with my long-sleeved red and black tops now and then with black ballet pumps and a white half-sleeved top in the warmer months. And it has pockets! Pockets are always, always A Very Good Thing. It's £35 which again is a little on the steep side but worth it for something that you'd have and wear for years.

Finally, Joy also do some lovely accessories. I'm not normally one for accessories as I tend to wear the same few pieces all the time (though I am trying to get better about wearing a different necklace and more bracelets as a regular thing), but I will make an exception for this adorable headband:
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I know, it's red and it's polka dots again! But for someone who is absolutely blimmin' useless at tying headscarfs (though I admit you could quite easily make this yourself by buying some fabric and tying it round a headband) this is a perfect cheat's way to getting that retro look. Plus, add a denim shirt and ta-da - instant Rosie the Riveter fancy dress outfit :)

There are quite a few branches of Joy dotted around the UK - admittedly mostly in London - but you can also shop online via the Joy website if there isn't a store near you. They're also giving you this unicorn print dress free with all orders over £75 at the moment. Do be aware sometimes stock in the stores is different to what's online; I tried on a dress with a cat print and Peter Pan collar in the Greenwich branch the other day, and have also seen it in the Waterloo and Islington branches, but it doesn't appear to be on the website yet.

Have you ever bought anything from Joy? And what do you think of this post - would you like to see more of them? Are there any particular shops you'd like me to cover? I'm planning to do a second post on Joy as I love their homewares but didn't want to do an epically long post, so look out for that coming soon!


  1. I'm one of the many people who have never heard of Joy but I think I need to check it out (especially for the fox with glasses top). Thanks for doing this post, I may have just found a new favourite store!

    Raise The Waves

    1. No problem, glad you liked it! Though I can't guarantee you won't want to buy everything... The fox with glasses is ace though!