The London Blog Project: Food and Drink

I love food - whether it's eating it, making it or talking about it - so finding out the second London Blog Project post was going to be about food and drink was just perfect for me. Discovering various new restaurants and bars is one of my favourite things about living in this city and it's rare that I'll go somewhere I've been before. Getting it down to my five favourites was tough, but these are my top picks.

The Diner
OK, it's a chain, but it's a damn good one. As the name suggests The Diner is an all-American joint with rock music on the stereo and a selection of classic US dishes. I always go for a burger - my favourites are the Hawaiian (with cheese, bacon and pineapple) or the Californian (with cheese and guacamole; it sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does) - and hanger fries, a heart attack on a place in the form of skinny fries slathered in cheese, burger sauce and fried onions. But my favourite has to be the Snickers milkshake - chocolate ice cream, Nutella, peanut butter and maple syrup. It's thick, sweet, a little bit salty and utterly gorgeous, and is basically the reason why I never want dessert.

Greenwich Market
I love a good food market and Greenwich has that in spades. The market is packed with amazing food stalls selling every type of food you could ever want to eat, from Japanese to Jamaican, but the sweets are particularly good. Depending on my mood I'll nearly always go for the mini pancakes with bananas and Nutella or the churros with cinnamon and chocolate sauce (sensing a theme here?) and then eat them sitting looking out onto the Cutty Sark if the weather is nice. They also have loads of local independent traders selling the most delicious food to take home, and whilst I'll always stop by the cheese stall my favourite has to be the coffee stall, which does a fantastic selection of delicious flavoured coffees that make a great gift or a Sunday morning treat. They'll even grind the beans for you!

The Reverend J. W. Simpson
Finding a good cocktail bar in London is surprisingly difficult - just when you think you've got it, they suddenly get rid of all their nice drinks (Jewel, I'm looking at you). The Reverend J. W. Simpson, however, has some truly delicious cocktails. It was formerly a dubious nightclub but since being overtaken the walls have been stripped back to reveal the original decor, and it's now populated by comfy sofas and chairs.  It is a little bit more expensive than some of the other cocktail bars in London but it's worth it for the atmosphere and because the drinks are so good - I can highly recommend the Gardener's Tea Break and the Silver Sunshine Fizz.

Sacred Cafe
London has an abundance of great Antipodean cafes (see also: Lantana, who do my favourite breakfasts in the entire city), but the one I will always go out of my way to stop off at is Sacred. The original branch is just off Carnaby Street and is absolutely tiny, with 'interesting' decor that hasn't changed in years. But the crucial thing is that the coffee is great - strong, flavoursome and tastes great whether you need fuel before a day on Oxford Street or have come to escape from the onslaught of shoppers. It's not a fancy coffee menu but the darn good flat whites more than make up for that.

Have you tried any of these places? What's your favourite place to eat or drink in London?


  1. I'm always all over American diners so I'll need to make a note to visit The Diner especially for a Snickers milkshake.

    Raise The Waves

    1. You definitely should - they're the most amazing things ever!