Wedding Update: February

This month's wedding update is going to be a relatively short one I'm afraid, as although we've got quite a few things done it's not necessarily anything spectacularly exciting. But in a way I kind of like that, as I'm one of those people who likes to get things sorted well in advance, especially with the wedding as it means I'm hopefully not going to have to stress about huge important things. I'll probably just stress about small silly things instead...

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So, here's what we've got done in February:
  • Booked our florist. I've got ideas of what I'd like for the flowers - at the moment we're thinking of lots of green and fairy lights around the pillars in the ceremony (so something similar to the above) and then red and white roses for the various bouquets and buttonholes - but I'm going to meet the florist in a few weeks so will see what they suggest as well.
  • Booked our photographer. We actually found him through emailing another photographer and getting an email back from him saying he'd taken over from the other guy. However we really loved his pictures and he was also the most affordable of all the photographers we'd seen. Plus having spoken to him on the phone he's a lovely guy, very friendly and personable and really enthusiastic, which is exactly what we wanted from our photographer.
  • Booked appointments at wedding dress shops. I have two booked and am going to try to get a third before going to look in a few other places if I need to, but am hoping I won't need to do that. My mum and chief bridesmaid are coming with me so I will be reporting back afterwards.
  • Started looking at stationery. My mum has very kindly offered to make it and has ordered a couple of kits to get some ideas, but at the moment we're thinking something very simple and classic (which seems to have been the theme of pretty much the whole wedding so far!).
You can read what we'd done by the end of January here.

And now, jobs for March:
  • Choose menu for wedding breakfast.
  • Choose flowers.
  • Start thinking about readings and music for the ceremony.
  • Finalise guest list.
  • Decide on anything we're making ourselves - I'm still currently leaning towards personalised tea bags for the favours and I may also make little confetti pouches to stick on the orders of service.
  • Confirm arrangements with the DJ.
I also have a post on the ins and outs of giving notice coming soon and will write one on the wedding dress shopping experience next month when I go to try some on, but do let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like me to write about. And as always don't forget to leave me links to your wedding planning posts!

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