2014 Resolutions: March Update

It's that time of the month again - my resolutions update! February has been a month of slow progress for me I'm afraid, as whilst I did manage to stick to lots of my
  1. Blog at least every other day. I'm actually doing pretty well at this - although I haven't necessarily managed to get the blogs out when I'd like, I have managed to post every day. It is actually working really well as although it is quite stressful it's giving me a real urge to post more often!
  2. Run a 5K. I've been running in Greenwich Park on Sunday mornings now it's getting lighter earlier and the weather has been improving, and have also managed to get a little bit quicker on the treadmill. So I can definitely feel I'm improving but hoping to keep going with that until race day in August.
  3. Buy a flat with N. Same old same old - still saving, still staring wistfully at places on Rightmove.
  4. Perfect my skincare and everyday make-up routines. I'm still refining this and have invested in a couple of new products in the past weeks which seem to be helping, although I have had a small breakout on my chin (which I think is due to eating too much sugar and a couple of nights falling asleep with my make-up on). But overall it is improving, so onwards and upwards.
  5. Use up a net balance of 30 beauty products. Current balance is -7 as I've bought 12 things this year and used up/thrown out/given away 19, so I'm on track to hit my target of having used up 30 products by the end of the year. However as usual my beauty obsession is making me want to buy All The Things!
  6. Read at least 50 books. At the moment I've read six - Oliver Twist, Anita and Me and The Blackheath Seance Parlour are the new additions to my list. I was hoping to have finished reading PopCo by the end of the month but with 150 pages to go at the time of writing I'm not sure it's going to happen, but am hoping I can make up some lost ground this month.
  7. Take more photographs that aren't just for blogging. I am getting better at this as those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen,but it does still need work so I'm going to keep trying to remember to put my photos on there. I might try and do a Photo of the Day challenge one month as well.
  8. Watch all the TV series I started but haven't finished. I've watched most of the third season of Heroes so will shortly move on to season four, and have nearly finished Firefly, which was my goal last month. Next up will probably be season eight of Criminal Minds, and then I think I might start watching either Smash or Nashville.
  9. Wear the clothes I already own regularly and only buy new stuff when I need it. Actually, I didn't do too badly at this! I bought some basic long sleeved T-shirts in Primark the other week (OK, and one with My Little Pony on it) but beyond that I haven't really spent much on clothes. However, I think my resolve may weaken in March as I want to get my spring/holiday wardrobe bought early ahead of going to Cornwall this year, but it is all stuff I can wear most of the year and would have for ages, so it's justified, right?
  10. Eat more healthily. It's been pretty mixed to be honest - I'm doing OK at cutting down on caffeine and drinking more water, but we still need to eat more fruit and vegetables and I'd like us to eat more fresh food. I think as I get a bit more confident that I'm not actually going to poison N I'm going to start trying to cook from scratch more - I did it all the time at uni but I think it's something about cooking for 
  11. Learn to drive. Driving license has come through but I still haven't booked any lessons. I think I might wait until it's lighter in the evenings and then get some booked up. I'm also debating taking a week off work and doing an intensive course, as I know from previous experience I learn better if I don't leave too long between attempts, especially as I don't have anyone to practice with in London.
  12. Finish writing my novel. It's coming along, but slowly. I always hate the idea of scheduling my life too much - my blog, however, is another matter - but I know that if I'm not working on this regularly then I'll get further behind. I'm going to try and put aside some extra time every day to work on it; even if it's just half an hour, that will hopefully soon add up!
  13. Go to at least one blogging event. I completed this one in January, but I'm going to a blogger Pixar sleepover (being organised by Becky from Becky Bedbug) on the 22nd March. I'm ridiculously excited to finally get to meet Becky as her blog is one of my favourites, and obviously an evening spent watching Pixar movies is going to be awesome :)
So, let's move on to my February goals:
  1. Finish watching Firefly. I haven't completely finished it but I've only got a couple of episodes left to watch, so will try and do those whilst on a blogging spree this weekend.
  2. Go to parkrun at least twice. Well, I did go to parkrun three times - but it was all as a volunteer. I wanted to get a feel for the run before I attempted it myself (apparently it's the hardest in the country due to all the hills!), and I can't get any more volunteer points this year so later today I will be off for my first run. I'm a bit nervous and don't expect a brilliant time, so if any of you are reading this between about 9 AM and 10 AM on posting day please send any 'keep going, you can do it' thoughts my way!
  3. Shoot, edit and post my first YouTube video. It's not brilliant by any means, but I did it :) A beauty forum I visit fairly regularly was asking its members to shoot everyday make-up videos, and I made one which you can watch here. It was time-consuming in terms of all the editing etc but I'm weirdly proud of it even though it's a bit rubbish. I think that's due to shooting on webcam though so next time I'll try it with N's bridge camera.
And finally, my new goals for March:
  1. Cut out processed sugar as much as possible. This was originally for Lent rather than just for March, but I'm going to go straight through until the 11th April when I go to Cornwall as I want to be able to indulge a bit whilst I'm away. I don't eat that much processed sugar generally but I'm aware that when I do have too much of it (such as last weekend) I break out, so hopefully eating as little of it as possible will help my skin improve ahead of the wedding.
  2. Blog every day. Yes, I know, I am mad. But in the past couple of weeks I've felt like I have more and more to write about and that posting every other day just isn't going to be enough to do it in, so I'm going to aim to post every day for the month. If I can do it, I'm hoping it might become permanent...
  3. Run 5K in less than 40 minutes. I am bang on 40 minutes for 5K on the treadmill, so I'd love to get under that by the end of the month.
Do you have any goals you want to achieve in March?

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  1. Looks like you crashed through the March goal of 5k in less than 40 minutes already! Well done! Hilly Fields Parkrun is ace!