2014 Resolutions: April Update

A little bit later than usual, but here's my update on my 2014 resolutions for April! It was a bit of a slow month to be honest, with good progress on some goals and not so much on others...
  1. Blog at least every other day. This month my blogging really took a serious hit, because work has been so busy with launching a report and organising one campaign's awards dinner on the same day, but I've started to pick up again a little this month so hopefully will be back on track soon.
  2. Run a 5K. I'm still training for my 5K in August and may kick it up a notch in a couple of weeks by running home from work now the evenings are lighter. I'm also looking for another event in London or within travelling distance in June to fill the gap - let me know if you've found anything good!
  3. Buy a flat with N. Again we're still saving with a view to buying once we're sorted with the wedding (though I would like to buy sooner as the good places seem to go so quickly, but you can't have everything I guess...).
  4. Perfect my skincare and everyday make-up routines. I'm definitely getting better at this - I think now I've cracked a routine that makes my skin look halfway decent, so the next thing is make-up. I've gone through a bit of a phase of buying foundation and powder that's too dark for me, especially in drugstore brands, so I'm going to get colour-matched after I've used up what I've got and start again.
  5. Use up a net balance of 30 beauty products. I'm at a net balance of -10 with 16 INs and 26 OUTs, which puts me pretty much bang on target. I've got quite a few things that are on their way out as well so hopefully will have made another dent in the numbers by the end of April.
  6. Read at least 50 books. Somewhere around the middle of the month I picked up a bit of speed on this and managed to blitz-read two and a bit books in the last ten days of March. I've now read 10 books this year, which isn't quite enough to keep me on target for my goal of 50 according to Goodreads, but I always read lots on holiday so hopefully I'll make up for lost time.
  7. Take more photographs that aren't just for blogging. I have got a little bit better at this, but still not as good as I'd like, so read on for a bit more about this one...
  8. Watch all the TV series I started but haven't finished. This got derailed a bit because I got a free download of the first episode of Nashville from Blinkbox and then binge-watched the whole season (if you haven't seen it then I highly recommend it by the way), but I'll try to get back on track this month.
  9. Wear the clothes I already own regularly and only buy new stuff when I need it. I did buy a couple of new dresses, a jumper, two skirts and a bag this month, but equally have managed to sell a couple of bits and pieces and give a few things to the charity shop so it's kind of evening out. With the summer coming I'm also putting the long-sleeved tops to the back of the wardrobe and embracing my short-sleeved tops, floaty dresses and flats, so hopefully that'll shake my wardrobe up a bit.
  10. Eat more healthily. I did manage to give up sugar to an extent this month and am definitely drinking more water, but I still need to work on eating more fruit and vegetables.
  11. Learn to drive. I'll admit that this one's been on hold this month, but once work's calmed down I'll book some lessons and try and find a slot to take my theory test as well.
  12. Finish writing my novel. Again this has fallen by the wayside a little - I've been trying to do about 500 words a day, which I know isn't much but at least it's something, and it's making progress. So onwards and upwards I suppose...
  13. Go to at least one blogging event. I've now chalked up two blogging events this year after meeting the wonderful Becky Bedbug at the Prince Charles Cinema's Pixar pyjama party, and hoping to go to more soon.
So, let's move on to my March goals: 
  1. Cut out processed sugar as much as possible. I will admit to a couple of lapses - mainly when N has baked - but for the most part I've managed to cut down on the amount of processed sugar I'm eating considerably, and am trying to keep going with that until I go down to Cornwall next week.
  2. Blog every day. OK, that didn't happen. To be honest, I think I picked a terrible time of year to do this because we were insanely busy at work, but I'm going to give this one another go in the summer when things quieten down a little bit.
  3. Run 5K in less than 40 minutes. I've done three parkruns this month, and am pleased to say I got personal bests at all of them - I ran 36:46, 34:46 and 34:33 - so I'm immensely pleased with that. If you'd told me at the beginning of the month I'd do under 35 minutes I would have been amazingly happy, so now I'm hoping I can do even better this month.
And now, goals for April:
  1. Take at least one photo every day and put it on Instagram. You can follow me there at @cherrysodablog to see how I get on!
  2. Cull my beauty product stash. I have quite a few beauty products I know I'll never use - mainly old nail polishes - so I'm going to have a serious decluttering session and send some things to Give And Make Up.
  3. Get my clothes ready for spring. I need to put new buttons on my spring coat and get it dry cleaned, plus rotate my wardrobe to bring my summer clothes to the fore, so I will try and spend a couple of days sorting that out this month.
Do you have any goals for April?

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