Beauty Review: April Birchbox

Like so many other blogging-related things, I came to beauty boxes quite late - mainly because I was aware I had waaay too many beauty products already and wasn't sure that I wanted to add to that. However, an offer for the March Birchbox on Sophia's blog Tattooed Tealady (plus the beautiful Lulu Guinness packaging) convinced me to give it a go. Unfortunately by the time I got my March box it was the end of the month and felt a bit late to write about it, so I'm starting what will hopefully be a regular series with the April box.

For those of you like me who've been living under a rock, Birchbox is a beauty subscription box where you enter details of your beauty likes and dislikes and then receive a box once a month containing five beauty samples (and occasionally some little extras too). It costs £10 a month plus P&P, or you can buy six-month or yearly subscriptions at a discount.

The theme of this month's Birchbox was 'Good enough to eat', and it was packed with food-themed beauty treats - from the brand and product names to the sweet scents and candy colours. So here's what was inside!

I haven't tried all the products properly yet but have swatched them all so am going to give you a little review based on my first impressions.

theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream in Pie (RRP £26 for palette of six - sample value £4.33)

I hadn't tried any of theBalm products but had seen lots of bloggers raving about them - especially the Lou Manizers, Frat Boy blusher and the Nude Tude eyeshadow palette - so I was really excited to get this in my box. Pie is a fairly bright pinky-red in the pan, but applies very sheer so you can build it up, and gives a dewy finish to both lips and cheeks - surprisingly rare for a multi-purpose product, as often they look good on lips but not cheeks or vice versa. I'll definitely be wearing this on weekends or to freshen up my look before going out after work this spring.

Lord & Berry Couture Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil 0.6g (RRP £10 for 4g full size - sample value £1.50)

Lord & Berry was another brand I'd heard plenty of good things about, and a black eyeliner pencil is something that I always have in my kit - mainly because I can't do liquid eyeliner to save my life and am weirdly paranoid about bacteria (eye pencils and mascara are virtually the only beauty products I ever throw away). This is a good-sized sample which creates quite a precise line but can also be blended very easily for a smoky look, and would be good to throw in your make-up bag if you're going on holiday.

Color Club Gala's Gems Nail Polish in Aquamarine Azulino (RRP £15 for set of four - sample value £3.75)
Birchbox has teamed up with London-based Spanish blogger, Gala Gonzalez, to create a set of four beautiful spring pastel shades. I'd had my eye on a blue polish so opted for this one (one of Birchbox's few downsides is that, unlike some beauty boxes, they don't let you pick what's included very often). I haven't tried this on yet but think it would look lovely with summer dresses in a few months' time.

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes pack of 10 (RRP £4.99 for pack of 30 - sample value £1.66)
Yes To was another brand that I'd wanted to try for a while, especially since they recently relaunched in Boots. Whilst I don't tend to use facial wipes regularly as I find that my skin breaks out if I rely on them too much, these had a really nice cooling sensation and did a good job as a replacement for my micellar water in my evening routine. I'm going to keep hold of these for nights when I'm too tired to take my make-up off properly or for overnight trips.

Campos de Ibiza Almendra (Almond) Body Milk 38ml (RRP £16.55 for 200ml - sample value £3.14)

Campos de Ibiza is a brand I hadn't heard of before this Birchbox, but I was pleasantly surprised by this almond body lotion. It's a very light texture which sinks in really easily - a little of this goes a long way - and I like the slight sheen it gave my skin as an alternative to fake tan (am I the only one who doesn't do it?). The scent was lovely too; at first it's quite floral from the rosewater, then dries down to a lovely creamy smell from the almond that won't clash too much with perfume.

Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla 8g (RRP 90p for 20g - sample value 36p)
Whilst I love popcorn - it's always one of my favourite things to get in my Graze box - I have to admit I was a bit unsure about this sample as I'm a bit funny about eating coconut, especially if it's shredded. But it actually tasted really nice and went well with the vanilla, and made me feel all virtuous after several days of pigging out on chocolate after Easter. I'm not sure I'd buy this flavour but definitely want to try other Propercorn flavours soon.

Total Birchbox value: £14.74

Overall, whilst I preferred the products in last month's Birchbox, I felt like this one tied in really well with the theme and had lots of lovely products that I could see myself wearing in the spring and summer. It was definitely a box that speaks of lazy days and holidays and I'm really looking forward to using all of the items in here over the next few months.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you think of this month's products?

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