Beauty Review: Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner

I don't normally like to give skincare advice, but if I was going to, in the words of Baz Luhrmann, 'Wear sunscreen.'

No, seriously, do. Your skin will thank you in 20 years. I'm sure mine would if I'd put sunscreen on my parting/worn my hat every time I stepped outside when I was travelling and not frazzled the top of my head. Because of this, I ended up with quite a dry, flaky, itchy scalp after I came back, and so I've been looking for products that tackle that. I started off with a Kerastase exfoliating shampoo (think scrub for your hair) which was great apart from the price at £16 a bottle, so I decided to look for a cheaper alternative and settled on Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner. Mainly as it was 2 for £6 at the time.

The main selling point of Naked Bodycare, which also makes body washes and lotions as well as hair care, is that their products are designed for sensitive skin - meaning they don't contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or petrochemicals. As someone who's suffered from eczema since I was small, I'm always intrigued by a product that can help with that.

First impressions from the packaging: it's not the flashiest in the world. A slightly grey colour with a simple design of lilac text and pictures of plants, this is quite easy to bypass on the Boots shelves in favour of the brighter bottles. But that said, I like the see-through shampoo bottle and the flip lid, which is a lot easier to operate when you have wet hands and makes it easy to see when you need to repurchase.

The shampoo is made with oatmeal and neroli extracts, which work to soothe dry irritated skin, whilst the conditioner contains cotton seed oil which strengthens the hair. On first smell it's very fresh and floral with a slightly sweet edge, but not too overpowering which I like - it's never good when your shampoo clashes with your perfume, but you still want it to smell clean.

As I'd heard that SLS-free shampoos tend not to lather well, one of the surprising thing about this shampoo was that it lathered up pretty quickly when water was applied to it. However, it then seemed like all the effectiveness went out of the product once I'd lathered up as my hair never felt fully clean using this shampoo, no matter how much or little I used or how long I spent rinsing it out. So I have to admit that this isn't a product I'll be repurchasing for that reason. It also turned out to not be very economical as I felt like I was using loads of it at once to attempt to get my hair clean.

However, the conditioner was a different story. It had that same scent as the shampoo which I liked a lot - I keep wanting to smell the ends of my hair! However, despite my worries that it would be as disappointing as the shampoo, I was actually really impressed with it. It does need a light hand as it's quite a thick conditioner (I tend to use any excess as shaving cream on my legs) but rather than weighing my hair down or making it greasy it's actually left the ends much softer and shinier. So I'd definitely be repurchasing that one.

Overall: nice conditioner, shame about the shampoo. I have heard mixed reviews about other shampoos and conditioners in the range though, so I might not give up on Naked Bodycare as a brand just yet if I can find a shampoo that works for me. It did also have the advantage that the eczema on the tops of my arms, which can be exarcebated by harsh shampoos, has cleared up since I started using this, so that might be one to bear in mind if you're a fellow eczema sufferer.

If you fancy trying Naked Care shampoo and conditioner it's available at Boots and costs £4.39 for 250ml of product, though is also quite often on offer.

Have you tried any Naked Bodycare products? And have you ever bought two complementary products where one was good but the other was disappointing?

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