Wedding Update: March

One of my invitation ideas (with apologies for the horrible tablecloth!)
After a slow month for wedding planning in February, suddenly in March it seemed to jump forward a lot! Mainly as we made lots of the big decisions and got some of the major things out of the way. In a way this feels like the turning point when it stopped feeling like a long time away and actually got a whole lot closer! *gulp* But without wittering on too much, here's what we got done in March:
  • Met the caterers and sorted out our menu. We've gone for soup (not sure what yet but I'm thinking maybe butternut squash or pumpkin), roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and sticky toffee pudding - not exactly unconventional, but on the rationale that it's November, it will be cold and people will want a proper dinner, I think it's a pretty good selection.
  • Met the florists and finalised the flowers. Again we're keeping it fairly simple and sticking to our colours of red, white and black,
  • Decided on my wedding dress! Those who know me well will be aware I am ridiculously indecisive - I can spend a good 15 minutes choosing a sandwich for lunch in Tesco - so this is a huge deal for me. I did have three in mind but the one I've picked is very 'me' and a little bit different, so I'm really happy with it. You can read about my wedding dress shopping exploits here.
  • Made up some stationery ideas. My mum ordered a pack of stationery bits online and I spent a few hours this weekend working some of them up into mock invites. I still need to make decisions about the designs but I think they're getting there. We're hoping to send them out in May/June so 
So, things to do in April:
  • Arrange for someone to make the cake. I think I've decided what kind of cake I'd like - a red velvet cake to cut like this one Lorraine Pascale made for one of her TV programmes, and then smaller cupcakes on tiers underneath to go with the buffet - but need to find someone to make it. Originally I asked my cousin, but she's declined which is fair enough, and then the first cake lady I approached is going on maternity leave in August, so back to the drawing board (or should that be mixing bowl?) on that one for now...
  • Book transport. I originally wasn't planning on getting a car but now I'm thinking it's worth looking into, due to the wedding being in November and it potentially being too cold/wet to walk to the venue from the hotel. It's proving a bit of a headache though - I found a gorgeous white vintage Jaguar but sadly the chap is no longer doing weddings, and my dad's not keen on my second suggestion of a retro campervan,
  • Book hair and make-up. My friend B, who used to live in York (and is one of my bridesmaids) has recommended a hairdresser, and I won £50 off my make-up at a wedding fair I went to a few months back, so now it's just a case of phoning up and booking my trials.
Any other brides out there planning their weddings? If so, how's it going?

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