No Spend May: The Rules

As I mentioned in my goals post a few days ago, this month I am going on a spending ban. The main reason being that I am spending way too much on things that I don't need - particularly clothes and make-up - and consequently am worrying about money a lot more than I should. Plus there are new rules coming in about mortgages where it's possible that lenders might assess what you're spending on various things, and as we're hoping to buy somewhere later this year I want to get my financial house in order before we start applying.

So between now and next payday (30th May) I am only allowed to spend money on the following things:
  1. Essentials - so rent, bills, food and my travelcard. Most of these were sorted when I got paid but because my travelcard comes near the end of the month (always a bad idea!) I will have to pay for that in May.
  2. Emergencies - I'm not sure what this would cover but just in case I need to pay for anything urgently.
  3. Anything that is coming out of my bank account this month by direct debit - so that would be my phone bill and my Birchbox subscription.
  4. Pre-planned activities. I am going to a meet-up with some people from a beauty forum on the 10th May, so have allowed myself a £30 budget for that (I've already bought my train tickets but that budget will include food).
I am also allowed to spend any money I earn if I need to, so am selling a few things on eBay - my seller page is here if you want to take a look - and will go through my CDs and put them on MusicMagpie as well. The other thing I'm going to do is try and cancel a few direct debits that are hanging around in my account. They're not huge amounts of money but every penny helps and I also suspect that the mortgage people wouldn't look kindly on them.

I'll be honest - it's going to be hard. And it has been hard so far - even just small things like resisting stopping at Starbucks on the walk home after work. But I know I have to break the habit of spending so much and not keeping a closer eye on my bank balance. Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck! I think I need to ban myself from walking into Primark ... it's getting ridiculous!

    Chloe x

    1. Thank you! Agree about Primark, I went off it for ages and now they have loads of nice things. I think it's also deceptive because you think 'Oh I'm only spending a few quid' but it soon adds up...