2014 Resolutions: June Update

Seriously, how is it June already?! I feel like the last month has gone so quickly, especially the second half of it. With nearly half the year gone, it's time for this month's update on how my 2014 resolutions are going...
  1. Blog at least every other day. I started well but ended poorly this month - mainly because I had a lot going on at work, plus a project I was working on that took up a lot of my time (though sadly I don't think anything's going to come of that. Oh well, I tried.) For June, however, I am determined to make a better fist of it.
  2. Run a 5K. Tick this one off the list - I did the Colour Run yesterday! Was ridiculously fun even if I was knackered by about 3.5K (note to self: next time, drink more water) and really glad I did it. I'll put some pictures on Instagram soon so don't forget to look out for those!
  3. Buy a flat with Nick. This is still on hold as for various reasons things are a bit up in the air with it at the moment, but I'll keep you guys posted about how I get on.
  4. Perfect my skincare and everyday make-up routines. I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Sali Hughes at an event at Selfridges the other week and she very kindly sent me a care package for my skin, which so far is working really well. I've also found a foundation I love - NARS Sheer Glow in Deauville - but have some others to use up first before I can buy it.
  5. Use up a net balance of 30 beauty products. This has been thrown off track a bit because of getting my Birchbox so I'm not entirely certain of numbers, but I know I've been quite slow at using things up recently. I think I need to go through my list and update it, and I might start doing empties posts as well.
  6. Read at least 50 books. This has dropped off considerably - mainly because Barnaby Rudge was just such a slog - so I'm only up to 18 for the year. But my current book is going pretty quickly so I'm hoping I'll have made a bit more of a dent in things by the end of the month.
  7. Take more photographs that aren't just for blogging. I continue to be bad at just taking photos; I really need to let go of the urge to make them perfect and stick them on Instagram anyway. So I'm going to give this one another go this month - maybe not every day, but I'll do my best to post more regularly.
  8. Watch all the TV series I started but haven't finished. I'm still working on Heroes and Firefly, and have also dabbled in Will and Grace which I never watched to the end of when it was on TV. After that, it'll be Once Upon A Time, and then I can finally start something new!
  9. Wear the clothes I already own regularly and only buy new stuff when I need it. No new clothes bought this month - apart from tights, which I needed - and my 'different outfit every day' challenge actually went pretty well. So it's a plus for that this month!
  10. Eat more healthily. Same as last month really - I have had sugar in my coffee a couple of times, but I'm still mostly eating healthy snacks and drinking lots more water, and I feel a lot better for it. The one thing I think we could improve is on the amount of fresh vegetables we eat though.
  11. Learn to drive. I still haven't started my lessons, but hopefully shouldn't be too long so will let you guys know what happens with that.
  12. Finish writing my novel. It's progressing, but slowly. I'm trying to squeeze some in every day or two and think it's definitely making a difference, although it's a fine line before it turns into a chore and I really don't want that. Part of me is very tempted to take some holiday from work and have a writing/blogging week - anyone ever done this?
  13. Go to at least one blogging event. I've been to two blogging events this year already but don't have any more planned - so if any knows of any good ones please let me know!
Next up, my May goals:
  1. Not spending any money unnecessarily. This was a bit patchy to be honest - whilst I didn't buy any new clothes or beauty products (well apart from toothpaste and deodorant, but I needed both of those), I did find myself spending a lot on food at Tesco, so I think I'll talk to Nick to see if we need a rethink on our shopping budget.
  2. Wear a different outfit every day. Now this one I actually managed (well apart from taking photos of it). I did find it quite hard I've established that I need to get myself out of my jeans rut at weekends though, and have also discovered Collectif and a few other vintage/repro shops which will no doubt be very dangerous for my bank balance!
  3. Finish my clearout. I managed to successfully eBay a load of stuff (and made £40 after postage, result!) and also got rid of various CDs and DVDs with Musicmagpie, so I'm pretty happy with that. There are still a few makeup bits I need to get rid of, but they're getting there.
And to finish off, my goals for June:
  1. Do more exercise. I've missed quite a few parkruns recently, so am going to try and go to every one this month that I can - so my only excuse will be if I have plans that morning (and no, rain does not count as a reason not to go). I'm also going to walk from work to the train station when I don't have anything on in the evening, and do Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown workout twice a week as well.
  2. Cook our tea at least once a week. To coincide with the 'more fresh vegetables' thing, I'm going to have a go at cooking more from scratch, which I'm hoping will help with portion control and eating more wholemeal carbs as well. I used to do it all the time at university but since moving in with Nick I've fallen off the wagon, so hopefully making tea once a week will help with that. Now I just need some good recipes...
  3. Work out a monthly budget and stick to it. The no-spend challenge taught me that I definitely need to get better at budgeting, so my plan is to set limits on what I can spend, particularly on clothes and beauty products. I'm also going to start taking my money for the week out in cash and leaving my debit card at home to see if that helps with resisting the urge to waste money on things.
Do you have any goals for June? Or for May - and how did you get on with them?


  1. So far this year I've only reached on goal of mine - get a job. And although it's important and I'm happy to have employment, I still feel a bit down about not being on track with everything else. My June goal is simple - get through it, and blog at least five times. Family visits, a wedding, and working weekends, oy.

  2. I've never taken a full week off just to concentrate on blogging but I'm starting to regularly schedule in weekends (including this one!) to allow myself to get caught up with virtual life. Hopefully it helps x