June Favourites

Image sources: Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum, This Old Thing, The Bone Season, X
It's another new series from me today - monthly favourites. I've wanted to do a post like this for a little while as I love watching favourites videos on YouTube, but thought I'd adapt it for my blog whilst I'm in the process of purchasing a few bits to help me with filming videos. This is my first attempt so please let me know what you think - any feedback is very much appreciated!

Favourite piece of clothing: Hoi An green polka dot dress
I absolutely adore this dress. I had it made when we were in Hoi An in Vietnam - essentially it's a town full of fabric shops and they will make you pretty much any item of clothing you want, in any fabric, perfectly tailored to you for a ridiculously small amount of money. I actually bought two dresses when I was there but this is the one I always reach for on warm days. It just cries out to be paired with massive sunglasses and a 50s-style ponytail for walking through a town square in Italy eating gelato before you hop on your vintage Vespa and speed off through the cobbled streets.

Favourite beauty product: Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum
I recently changed up my skincare routine and this was one of the products I added - and, if I could only buy one of them again, this would be it. It's really light but incredibly moisturising, sinks in quickly, has the most beautiful citrusy scent (I am a sucker for anything citrus) and is doing wonders for clearing my current blemishes as well as reducing any new ones. There is a full review of this coming soon so make sure you keep an eye out!

Favourite book: The Bone Season
I first heard about The Bone Season a few months ago, and when it popped up on Amazon for 50p I thought I'd give it a go. It's set in a dystopian alternate future where clairvoyants like heroine Paige Mahoney are seen as outcasts, hunted down and taken to the Tower of London... or worse (I can't say any more for fear of spoilers). Whilst it seems like a slightly formulaic plot for those of us who've read far much too fantasy fiction in our lives, the world-building involved is amazing. I found myself completely immersed in the book and would often find myself looking out of the window on the bus and doing a double take. Plus Paige is one of the most rounded heroines I've read in a long time. Look out for the full review coming soon!

Favourite music: Ed Sheeran - X
Ed Sheeran's first album, +, was one I played constantly when I was backpacking - it was ideal for long bus rides and watching the world (literally) go by. So I was really excited for X, and was pleasantly surprised. There's definitely more of the urban edge that occasionally popped up on +, but it's still the sing-along choruses, driving melodies and tongue-twister lyrics that we know and love.

Favourite TV programme: This Old Thing
I'm a big fan of Dawn O'Porter and, as someone starting out on her vintage journey, was really excited for This Old Thing. Essentially it's Dawn taking women and men who want a unique style but have never shopped in vintage stores before and helping them discover these beautiful old clothes. I found it really inspiring to watch with loads of great tips both on how to shop for vintage clothes and how to rework things you might find in a vintage shop and love but that aren't quite right. I will be posting a full review of the first episode tomorrow so make sure you look out for that!

Favourite food: Everything at Lewisham Model Market
I blogged about this last week and oh my word it is amazing. The Model Market is a former 1950s covered market which has been taken over by the guys behind Street Feast to set up an amazing food market which also preserves the character of the original buildings. You could literally eat your way through the entire place but my favourites were Yum Bun, Rola Wala and the South East Brownie Bar (though I'm eyeing up Dogtown and Sambal Shiok for next time!). Definitely recommended if you're in this neck of the woods and want an awesome dinner on a Friday or Saturday night.

Favourite thing I've done this month: Hello, My Name is Paul Smith at the Design Museum
I mainly knew Paul Smith from his stripes, but this exhibition gave me a brilliant insight into his other designs and inspirations. You can read my post on the exhibition here, but my highlights were the amazing wall of buttons, the gallery of artwork that inspires Paul and the row of pieces that sum up his design philosophy. It was a really interesting and different exhibition and I loved all the little personal touches.

What's been on your favourites list this month?

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  1. I loved This Old Thing, I definitely found it very inspiring! Did you know there's a book to accompany the series?

    Chloe x

    1. I did - it's on my to-buy list but I spent a bit too much this week so am waiting a little while before I get it! Had a flip through in WH Smith today and it was really good though :)