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Do you ever get that thing where you think you're not into something, and then suddenly you start thinking about it and realise you are? Before doing this post - inspired by last week's #fbloggers chat - I'd never thought of myself as a shoes person. I will coo over a pretty pair of shoes as much as the next girl, but I very rarely part with money for them unless they're needed. However, when I was taking the pictures for this post, I actually realised that I have considerably more than I thought!

These are my most-worn shoes - my Mary Janes from Schuh. They're really comfortable for a day in the office but also look cute with my vintage-style dresses so are a really easy shoe to wear if I'm going out after work.

More work shoes - these mainly come out in summer as I don't feel the Mary Janes go so well with bare legs. The brown ballet pumps are from H&M and are my most recent shoe purchase, the dolly shoes are M&S (love the zip off the back which means no faffing with buckles) and the black ballet pumps are from Accessorize.

When the weather gets warm, I tend to swap into my ballet flats or Birkenstocks for the weekend. The Birkies are the most versatile (especially with the current 'ugly shoes' trend), but depending on my outfit I'm also partial to my Rocket Dog camouflage print shoes, Primark white ballet pumps for girlier outfits, or my blue sequin Office pumps. The latter are very much a sentimental shoe for me as I wore them on my first date with Nick (awww or gag here depending on your nostalgia level).

Once the weather gets cold, however, I'll be back to my boots. These are the Topshop version of the Acne Pistol boots that were all the rage a little while ago, and they're surprisingly comfortable! I'll wear these if I'm going shopping with friends or on a nice but not too fancy night out.

A slightly more glamorous evenings means glitter, so I'll tend to opt for one of these two. The & Other Stories shoes are a little higher than I'd normally wear, but I couldn't resist their amazing silver/red/gold sparkle; it also means they're really versatile. For something a bit more classic, I'll wear my black glittery Schuh kitten heels - love the bow on the front!

My running shoes are from Asics and after a year they're starting to fall apart and give me blisters, but I'm not sure I'll be able to part with them - they got me through my first race after all! I love the yellow accents on them as well.

These walking boots are my most expensive shoes, and whilst they're not the prettiest they're another pair that are packed with memories. I bought them for backpacking when they were absolutely invaluable, whether that was hiking the Inca Trail or acting as a support after I stuffed my ankle in Adelaide.

I don't often get shoes as presents but my mum bought me my Havaianas before we went backpacking and I loved them - the silver straps meant they worked well for evenings out as well as walking around during the daytime. They're also a great holiday shoe especially if you're walking on a beach as they don't fill up with sand as much as the Birkenstocks and dry a lot quicker.

And finally, my favourite shoes at the moment - my amazing Wonder Woman Converse. I am a massive Converse fan but I really love these ones because they go with lots of different stuff due to all the colours in them. Plus I get loads of compliments when I wear them which is always nice!

I do have one more pair of shoes (well two as one is on order) but I can't show you them because they're my wedding shoes, and I don't want Nick to see too much of my wedding outfit before the day! But suffice to say both pairs - yes, both, I couldn't pick! - are amazing.

So all in all, that's 15 pairs of shoes, which I don't think is too bad, especially considering the majority of them were bought for practical reasons and they're all pretty multi-tasking. I do need some new running shoes soon though, and will start shopping for some long brown boots in the autumn - ideally ones that are reasonably waterproof and smart enough for work as well as weekends. And then I'll finally be done! (Well, for now at least...)

What's your favourite pair of shoes?

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