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I don't often review TV series on the blog, but I had to make an exception for Dawn O'Porter's new show, This Old Thing. It seemed like the perfect show for me as I'm dipping my toe into vintage - I love the look of vintage clothes and am constantly drawn to 1950s-style shapes when I go shopping, but still find vintage shops a little bit overwhelming - so was interested to see what it would be like.

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The premise of the show is that Dawn takes a young woman who loves high street shopping but wants to have a more individual style, and introduces her to the wonderful world of vintage clothes. In this episode it was Chevonne, who was bored with her high street wardrobe and fed up of seeing other people wearing her clothes (which can be so annoying!) but was a bit concerned about vintage clothes. Dawn took her to vintage shops and worked like a really honest friend or older sister, pulling out clothes and combining outfits that looked awesome. I particularly loved the first final outfit, an amazing kind of 50s beach chic look that I would definitely try and emulate myself.

Dawn is a big fan of the 60s and it shows - both in her amazing outfits (there was a beautiful willow pattern dress she wore that I absolutely loved) and in the styling of the show's graphics, which are all flowery fade-outs and psychedelic swirls. That said, she did also cover some other eras, with a whistle-stop tour of the invention of the shift dress and 1930s fashions. I found the latter really interesting as it's not one I know much about, especially the link between what was going on in the world - economic crisis, the threat of war - and how that was reflected in the clothes with a return to fitted waists and long hemlines.

I also really liked the extra little segments in Dawn's workshop where her crack team of tailors and designers tweaked and transformed unloved vintage clothes. Not only did the workshop look amazing, it was also good to see the different things you could do to give your clothes a new lease of life - I may well end up trying the galaxy dip-dye method out if I can find the right dress or skirt - and has definitely made me think about getting back into sewing again.

There were a couple of things I wasn't so keen on - the opening segment which was essentially a stripped-back, one-day version of the main show and consequently I was briefly confused when we were introduced to Chevonne, and the slightly knowing turns to camera. But overall the show stayed on the right side of parodying its genre and conveyed a real message that vintage is fun, not too scary and one of the best ways to find unique things to wear.

So did watching it inspire me to go vintage shopping? I'm pleased to say it did! There's a vintage shop called 360 Degrees Vintage near me that I popped into this weekend and had a look, and I found the loveliest ice blue 50s scoop neck three-quarter sleeve Grace Kelly-esque dress. Sadly it wouldn't do up and there wasn't enough fabric to let it out, so I had to leave it behind, but it's definitely given me the confidence to try other vintage shops in London. After all, you never know what you might find...

This Old Thing episode 2 is on Channel 4 on Wednesday 2nd July at 8 PM, or catch up on the first episode on 4oD. I'm just hoping there's going to be a second series - I might even try out for it!

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  1. Yay for you braving a vintage shop. I really want to give it a go too! x