Restaurant Review: Salvation Jane

One of my favourite treats if I have a bit of spare money and a free weekend morning is to treat myself to a nice breakfast somewhere. There's just something really decadent about sitting down in a café and tucking into something a bit nicer than the usual toast or cereal. So as Nick was away this weekend on his family stag do I thought I'd take myself out to try somewhere new, and Salvation Jane has been near the top of my to-try list for a while.

The 'bigger little sister' of Lantana in Fitzrovia, Salvation Jane is named after a tough Australian plant and specialises in great coffee and putting their own spin on classic Aussie dishes. As I've mentioned before I'm a big fan of the breakfasts at Lantana, so was hoping for more of the same at Salvation Jane.

For the full experience, I'd recommend sitting inside; as it was hot I decided to sit outside but I did miss out on a lot of the decor. However from what I could see glancing in it was lots of wooden benches and beaten-up long tables; think the rustic meets industrial look that's pretty common in the coffee shops around Old Street (you can see it a little bit through the window in the shot above). And ouside also had the advantage of being pretty sheltered - vital on a weekend like this when the weather's been turning so quickly.

The weekend brunch menu covers a wide range of fairly typical breakfast dishes, but most of them have a twist of some kind. I've heard great things about the corn fritters, but opted for the maple French toast with bacon, banana and pecan nuts. Mainly because, in my view, it's not a proper breakfast if it doesn't have bacon in it.

First things first: the coffee is seriously good. If you like your coffee strong, full-bodied and kicking like a mule then this is the place to come to. I ordered a flat white - my standard coffee litmus test for whether a place is any good - and, despite being slightly on the small side for the price, it was really good. (Sidenote: I really like the blue tones in this picture. And does anyone else always get slight barista envy about the fancy milk designs?)

However, the breakfast itself knocked the coffee into a cocked hat. I would never have put bacon and banana together myself but the saltiness of the bacon really cuts through the sweetness of the rest of the dish. The French toast was cooked perfectly, light and fluffy yet able to soak up the maple syrup, and the banana and pecans made it feel (slightly) healthier than it was. It's also really filling - I ate the lot, felt satisfied but not overly full, and surprisingly didn't feel hungry for the rest of the day which is quite unusual if I have a sweet brunch like this.

Overall I really recommend Salvation Jane if you're in the area. The portions are a decent size, the service is good (I've heard complaints about it but personally felt that, despite the fact it was almost full, I got served really quickly and was never made to feel like they were itching for me to get out, which often happens when I go to cafes or restaurants by myself) and the coffee is some of the best in London. It is a little on the expensive side - my breakfast and tip came to just short of £15 - so it's probably something to do as a treat rather than as a regular activity, but if you're feeling flush it's worth paying them a visit. They also do lunches and evening meals, which I'll definitely be checking out sometime soon.

Do you like going out for breakfast? Where's your favourite place to go?


  1. wow the food looks unusual and amazing, I also love it when people make a fancy design on my cofffee haha xxx

    1. It's really good - as I said I was a bit 'Bacon and banana? Oh. O-K...' but together it actually worked really well as sometimes those really sweet dishes just end up being a bit sickly. Definitely worth going if you can!