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Have I mentioned before I'm a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan? No? ;) The new series kicked off last week  - you can read my post on fulfilling a dream by being in the studio audience here - and it got me thinking about what I would do in the unlikely event I ever become famous and get to take to the floor myself. (On a side note, I wonder how long it will take before one of the super-bloggers is asked to do it...)

Thankfully the Strictly Come Dancing Bloggers Tag, created by the lovely Natasha and Rochelle at Next Route Style, allows you to do just that! I had loads of fun filling this out so thanks to the girls for tagging me :) Read on for my answers...

1. What would be your outfit choice? (colour, style etc)
Obviously lots of sequins! I like the idea of one of the prom-style dresses with the big frilly knee-length skirts (so lots of movement when you dance) and a bright colour - maybe something like turquoise blue, Cadbury purple or a beautiful ruby red.

2. To compliment your chosen outfit, how would you like your make up?
A sparkly eyeshadow, classic black eyeliner flicks and red lipstick. Essentially, for those of you who watched it the other week, I want Kristina's jive look (as seen in this clip). I have a bit of a habit of falling in love with entire Strictly outfits!

3. You have the chance to have your dream hair (style, colour, length, extension, up, down etc) - what would yours be?
A lovely sleek beehive - it's the one hairstyle I really want to master but it never seems to come out right when I do it.

4. What would be more important to you - your make-up being flawless or your hair being perfectly styled?
Probably the make-up - my hair is very rarely perfect, which I must admit I quite like, but to have bad make-up on Strictly would be a nightmare (think of the HD)!

5. What would be your favourite dance style? (eg American Smooth, Salsa, Samba, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Charleston, Rumba, Tango, Paso Doble, Waltz, Jive etc)
Ooh I have loads! Probably jive or quickstep though.

6. What would be your song choice to dance to?
'You Make My Dreams' by Hall and Oates (as heard in (500) Days of Summer) - it's uptempo, 80s, fun and a bit cheesy which are all of my favourite things in music.

7. Who's your favourite judge?
Len - I agree with him that there is 'too much messing abaht', plus he has the most brilliant turn of phrase and gives constructive criticism without being mean.

8. It's themed week - who or what would you like to dress up as?
I like the idea of a magic/circus theme - think top hats and lots of colour!

9. Behind the scenes, you get to meet the talented hair and make up designer, Lisa Armstrong. You can ask her one question, what would it be?
Which iconic hair and make-up look would you like to recreate, and which pro/contestant would you give it to for which dance?

10. Who would you like to win?
Steve! He looks like he's having a huge amount of fun, which is always what I like in a Strictly contestant, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. Plus, y'know, the muscles don't exactly hurt...

11. Which professional would you like to dance with?
Kevin from Grimsby - he comes across as a really good patient teacher but also like someone you'd have loads of fun with in the training room.

I tag everyone reading this to do this post - if you do let me know in the comments and I'll pop over for a read!

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  1. Great answers Laura! Like your choice of themed week; great question for Lisa and we love Kevin too!

    Thanks for taking part in the tag :-)

    x Roch & Tash x