#2014BloggerChallenge: October Favourites

Hi everyone! This is a long-overdue #2014BloggerChallenge post and, happily for me, the theme this time is 'Top Lists' - so essentially an excuse to write up my favourites for October. I almost feel like this is going to end up being some kind of triple-decker of favourites as I didn't do posts for August or September (I know, I know), so apologies if this post goes on for ages! But hopefully it'll give you an idea of what I've been liking in the last few weeks...

Image sources: Marks and Spencer boots, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, Only Ever Yours, Ben Howard, Gotham

Favourite piece of clothing: Marks & Spencer brown leather riding boots
These were on my autumn/winter wishlist but I was lucky enough to get them as a birthday present (thanks Mum and Dad if you're reading!) and they are just as perfect as I hoped they'd be. A pair of knee-length flat boots are my best friends at this time of year as they can be worn with jeans as well as skirts and dresses and are great for all occasions from a day in the office to a casual dinner or trip to the pub, and this pair are easily the best I've ever had. The chocolate leather looks smart, they're ridiculously comfortable - I wore these for a ten-hour day recently and my feet were totally fine afterwards - and they go with everything in my wardrobe. Definitely going to be wearing these right through the winter.

Favourite beauty product: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in Light Vanilla
I know, I am so epically late to the party on this one that everyone else has packed up and gone home, but this foundation has been an absolute revelation. Light Vanilla - the palest shade - is a really good match for me and despite the fact the bottle says 'light coverage' I actually find I need very little concealer on top of this (though I'm not sure how much of that is the product and how much is the fact that my skin's improved). Plus it smells really nice which is always a bonus! I can see this becoming a make-up bag staple for me for some time to come.

Favourite book: Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill
Set in a dystopian future where women (known as 'eves') are 'designed' for their future husbands to be completely perfect, this is one of the best books I've read this year. It follows freida and isabel - no, the lack of capitalisation isn't a typo - as they enter their final year of school before finding out whether they become companions or concubines. What's really stayed with me about it, however, is the various inventions and punishments to help the girls stay slim and pretty - healthy and 'fat girl' buffets, drugs to block calorie absorption, young women being called forward to have their looks judged by their classmates - that seem worryingly close to becoming reality sooner than we think. It's disturbing, but I think vital reading.

Favourite TV programme: Gotham
I'm a bit of a sucker for a dark crime drama, and Gotham has that in spades. A Batman prequel of sorts, it follows the young Detective (and future Commissioner) James Gordon as a rookie cop investigating the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and trying to clean up corruption in the city. The main things I love about it are that it looks incredible (there's a wonderful 30s/80s mash-up going on alongside a real sense of oppression and grimness) and the fact that not all the loose ends get tied up at the end of every episode, which is something a lot of other cop shows don't do. But the thing that lifts it up for me is the acting, particularly The OC's Ben Mackenzie as Gordon and Robin Lord Taylor as a brilliantly creepy Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin).

Favourite music: Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were
Ben Howard's first album, Every Kingdom, was one of the soundtracks to my trip around the world (hard to believe that was nearly two years ago now!), so when the follow-up came out I went straight on Spotify to give it a spin. It's a brilliantly atmospheric album - the opening track, Small Things, sets the tone with a really sparse and haunting tone and dark lyrics that linger with you long after it's finished. That said, the driving rhythms and singalong choruses that were the centre of Every Kingdom are also present in spades on songs like I Forget Where We Were and She Treats Me Well, making this feel like an album for walking in a wintry city or driving down a long deserted road. Perfect seasonal listening.

Favourite thing I did this month: Went to see Strictly Come Dancing
OK, I didn't actually do this in October, but seeing as I didn't do a September favourites and October wasn't actually that much of an exciting month for me I think I'm allowed to post this. I won't gush on about it too much - you can read my post on what it was like here - but it was utterly fantastic and if you're a Strictly fan I really, really recommend that you persevere with the ballot. Yes it's lots of waiting around but once you're in there the atmosphere is completely overwhelming and you'll find yourself cheering, booing and clapping along. Life goal fulfilled!

What were your favourite things this month?

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  1. AHHHH so much that I love, I adore ben howard and another amazing album, dying to try the healthy mix foundation/ whole range and I soooo want to see gotham! eeep xx