Day Tripper: York

York will always be a special place to me. I was born thirty miles away and so often used to go there for school trips - one of my earliest memories is going to the Jorvik Viking Centre and making our own coins with a dropped weight. Then I went to university here, and recently have been back and forth ahead of our wedding earlier this month. Every time I come back I want it to be permanent - I've really missed the relaxed feel of the place and the fact that it's got everything you need yet is really small and easy to get around.

As we had a couple of days in York recently before our wedding, I took advantage of the opportunity to have a good wander around and take a ridiculous amount of photos, so apologies that this post is very pic-heavy!

After we arrived in York we went up to our wedding venue, the Hospitium in Museum Gardens, to finalise the last few details and had a wander round the park whilst we were there. The colours in the leaves were utterly beautiful and it was really atmospheric.

We then went back to one of our favourite haunts when we were students here for a late breakfast: Coffee Culture on Goodramgate. It's a great little cafe tucked away off a side street with kitschy decorations and delicious food. I had the best scrambled eggs I've eaten for a long time there!

Nick then had to get a few bits and pieces so I took advantage and had a bit of a walk around the city. It's the most ridiculously photogenic place I think I've ever been to and there's always so much going on - hopefully this will give you a flavour of it!

Guy Fawkes is one of York's most infamous sons and there are lots of links to him throughout the city, such as a hotel and this plaque on the side of what is now the Cath Kidston shop.

The gorgeous and imposing Minster, which dominates the city's skyline.

York makes a big deal of its Roman history - it was a garrison town on the frontline in Hadrian's time and was also where Constantine (who brought Christianity to the empire) was proclaimed emperor.

I think we can all agree Barry is a brilliant name for a sheep. But please don't sit on him.

York streets have the best names, but I think the Shambles wins. It's the most wonderfully ramshackle street with all the buildings crowding in on each other.

York also has history as a chocolate manufacturing town - this was the home of the first Rowntree's factory. The chocolate also led to its reputation for social justice; Joseph Rowntree published an infamous report into the plight of the working poor in 1902 which kick-started the modern idea of welfare.

See what I mean when I say that the Minster dominates everything?

The legendary Bettys Cafe and Tea Rooms and the massive queue outside it! Sadly I did not go in, but if you go to York I insist you try to get a table (go early though!). There's nothing quite as good as a Fat Rascal and a pot of Tearoom Blend.

I love the detail in this bridge with the symbols of the Bishop of York and the Yorkshire white rose.

York is located on two rivers - the Ouse and the Foss - and consequently is a bit perilous when the river floods (I remember having to get into the pub on wooden planks more than once in my student days!) but makes for lovely views.

The legend that is Thomas the Baker! Lots of happy childhood memories - my mum would always take me here for a cheese straw after a Saturday morning shopping. And it's probably one of the last few places anywhere where you can buy lunch for two quid.

So that was my day out in York! Sadly I must admit the rest of our time there was a bit more hectic as we were meeting people as they arrived for the wedding and doing a couple of last minute jobs (though if you're a fellow chocolate fiend I must recommend the chocolate afternoon tea at York Cocoa House), but I hope it gave you a flavour of the city.

Have you ever been to York?


  1. LOVE York and it's always great to get new recommendations of places to eat there :) I went to Bettys for lunch once and for sandwiches it was SO over priced .. having to Q to get in and then spend a fortune inside - it completely put me off! But people do rave about the cakes so I will have to go back and give it another go!

    Chloe x

  2. Your trip to York looks so much fun. I love all the photos in this post. I love going to visit places I have never been before.