October and November 2014 Empties

Empties are like buses for me - you wait ages for one and then three come along at once. October and November have been slightly bumper months for me in terms of using things up, which is both a good thing (as it means my stash is going down) and a bad thing (as it means this post will be very picture-heavy!). So without further ado, here's what I've used up in the last two months...


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Very Volume Hairspray
I always have a can or two of this around - it really is the best thing for keeping your hair in place. What with all the wet and windy weather we've had recently I've been using this a lot to make sure my hair looks good, especially my fringe as if I leave that alone it has an annoying tendency to split. It gives enough hold and a good boost of volume but doesn't have that horrible crispy feeling that a lot of other hairsprays do, which is a huge bonus for me, and the packaging is great - really distinctive yet classic. The only downside for me is the smell, which I find can be a bit irritating if you overdo it, but it disappears so quickly that I can overlook that. I have already repurchased another giant can of this and have a small can in my handbag so hopefully have enough to last me yet!

Lush New Shampoo Bar (not pictured but you can see it here)
This was an unintentional empty as I foolishly left the shampoo at the end of the bath with the shower, so over the course of a couple of days the water going into the pot dissolved the entire bar! I must admit I've got mixed feelings about this shampoo; this was my second one and initially I really liked it and felt that it was helping my hair grow as well as smelling like Christmas, but recently I've felt like it hasn't been getting my hair properly clean no matter how long I've rinsed it for. I'm not sure if I'd buy again as its main purpose was to help grow my hair for the wedding (which has been and gone now - more on that coming soon!) but I would buy a Lush shampoo bar again, if only to use up the various bits of conditioner I have hanging round...


Proactiv Solution Deep Cleansing Wash
I wrote about this in a previous empties post - which you can read here - and really don't have much to add. It's a creamy wash that you can use for face and body and contains tiny blue beads, which exfoliate your face but without feeling scratchy. I found this was really good at clearing up spots, though it takes a little longer to work on scars. However in recent weeks it has felt a little drying on my combination skin, which I think is due to the change in weather, so I'm going to try a few new products and see if those help.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum
I've reviewed this product in full previously but I must sing its praises once again. It's really light, has a lovely fresh citrus scent, sinks in really easily and works absolute wonders at tackling spots. Yes it's expensive at £58 for 50ml but considering that a bottle of this used morning and night will last me around six months then I'd say it's well worth the investment. I do have another bottle of this in my stash but have a couple of serum samples from Birchboxes to use up first.

Pharmagel Beta-C Dual Action Moisturiser
This is sold as an anti-ageing moisturiser - and I will admit I have noticed it working on my not-so-fine lines - but it's also a really good spot treatment as it contains BHAs and vitamin C, which work to sweep away dead skin cells and brighten skin. If I haven't used this for a little while I can really see the difference in my skin as it looks a lot duller. The BHAs also mean it works as an emergency treatment for random dry patches (something I'm prone to due to eczema), but I wouldn't recommend it if your skin is dry all over. It's not cheap at £42 a pot but this has lasted me since May using it morning and night so I'm quite happy to invest in it for six months' worth of use, though I have a few samples to use up before I repurchase.

Body products

Vaseline Derma Beauty Compressed Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Not the most glamorous product I know, but this is a new discovery for me and I really like it. It doesn't leave white marks (something which is surprisingly unusual in my experience), is very reasonably priced and smells nice in a powdery but not sickly way. It is definitely a product to be used sparingly though - having not used a spray deodorant for years and being paranoid about sweat I slightly overdid it with this can, and consequently it ran out really quickly. I'm on my second now, being much more restrained, and so far it's working well.


Korres Citrus Body Wash sample
I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with citrus scents; when done right, they can be beautifully fresh and clean, but all too often they end up smelling of toilet cleaner. This, thankfully, is in the former category. It lathers up nicely and, whilst the scent isn't particularly strong, it does have that nice note of citrus sharpness so would be a good base shower gel, especially if you like strong perfume. It's not particularly moisturising though so if you get dry skin on your body you'll need a moisturiser afterwards (they do a matching body milk which is very nice). Korres products are a bit expensive than standard high street shower gels, but still affordable and contain no nasties so I'm quite happy to pay that bit extra for them.

Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum sample
I'll be honest: when I first got this product, I didn't like it as I felt it didn't really move around on my face very well when applying it. That said, once I started using it up properly, I actually started to quite like it; it smells OK in a slightly sweet floral way and actually seemed to sink in easier the more I used of it. I'm not sure it made a huge difference to my skin though so I probably won't be buying the full size.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I feel like writing about this is a bit 'preaching to the converted' because every blogger and their dog seems to have tried this cleanser, but I do really like it. It's very rich and creamy yet doesn't give me breakouts (something overly rich products often can), has a nice herbal fragrance and works really well at removing make-up - I normally have to use micellar water to get my mascara off before cleansing but not with this stuff! I do have a couple of other cleansers to use up first though so it will be a while before I repurchase this.

So that's eight empties in October and November - not bad going! However with Christmas coming and my hope for a few new beauty products I suspect they might slow down again. I'm currently still aiming to use up lots of samples though so hopefully that will take the stash down a bit further.

What products have you used up this month?


  1. I had a tester of the clear difference, both me and my boyfriend loved it. Think i may invest knowing it will last so long, the price tag did nearly put me off.

  2. That Vaseline deodorant seems like a great product, I always love Vaseline products :D
    I have used up my Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser, Cetaphil has been doing a really great job for my skin lately, their products are so natural and I just love them so much