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Do you ever have those days where you set out somewhere with the intention of writing a post, and then something happens where it just doesn't go quite right? That happened to me the other week with my original attempt to review Peyton and Byrne's most recent bakery outpost in Greenwich; but it was just too busy to take photos without getting in people's way and then halfway through my phone died anyway! (Note to self: buy a portable charger ASAP.) #bloggerproblems But on the other hand, it gave me an excuse to go back, and so a couple of weeks later I found myself in there again - this time with a fully charged phone!

The Greenwich branch of Peyton and Byrne is one of six bakeries, though they also own several other restaurants in London (including the lovely Inn The Park and two eateries at both the National Gallery and Kew Gardens). I haven't yet visited any of the others so can't compare across sites, but on first visit it's a lovely atmosphere - a bright and airy building decked out in shades of grey and yellow, with bright globe lights and scrubbed wooden tables.

Peyton and Byrne's two most famous dishes are their carrot cake and Chelsea buns, so of course it was only right to test out both (though if you're not a fan of either of those, the rest of their cakes and pastries look equally amazing as you can see above!). Interests of thorough research and all that...

The carrot cake was lovely - really moist but without being too heavy, with plenty of crunch from the nuts that were baked into it and scattered on top. However, the icing was what won it for me; it had the perfect consistency of not being overly creamy or runny and with just the right amount of sourness in the cream cheese. They also sell it as a massive full-size triple-layer cake which I haven't dropped hints about wanting for my birthday cake this year. No, no hints at all.

I love these special plates for the Chelsea buns! They were delicious too - sticky but without being overly sweet with plenty of fruit and spice. Lots of these types of buns often just taste of dough but these had lots of flavour without being too overwhelming. My only issue with them was that I would have liked them to be bigger, but you can't have everything...

As for the coffee, I can safely say it's some of the best coffee I've had in London. It's strong and rich, but without being overly bitter, and on both times was a nice balance to the sweetness of the baked goods. Peyton and Byrne also do a really good pastry and coffee breakfast deal for £4.50 to eat in which is even cheaper than places like Starbucks so if you're passing by in the morning I'd take advantage of that!

Overall I really liked Peyton and Byrne; it's a great place to stop off in Greenwich if you fancy a snack and a sit-down (I really want to try the savoury food there next as there were some lovely-looking quiches there last time). My main tip though is be prepared to wait a bit even early on weekend mornings - though they do do takeaway so if it's a nice day you could do that and then go and sit in the park or by the Cutty Sark - but I'd say it's definitely worth it if you fancy something different from the usual chain cafes.

Have you been to Peyton and Byrne? What did you think of it?

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