Vitality Run Hackney 5K

In the past few months I've really been trying to get back into running. What with buying a house and being busy at work, it's been difficult to find time to fit it in, but when I can get out for a run round Greenwich Park it's a great way of blowing off the cobwebs. Recently though I've been kicking the training up a notch in preparation for the Vitality Run Hackney 5K, which took place a couple of weeks ago.

As Stratford was the easiest station for me to get to and the information sheet said it was a 25-minute walk, I decided to make my way through the Olympic Park to get to the race village. As I've never been before (I know, terrible) I took advantage of the fact I had plenty of time to take a few pictures.

Unfortunately there wasn't anything really indicating the way once you were through the park however and I actually ended up arriving about five minutes before the race was due to start, despite allowing myself plenty of time. From what I understand it was because they didn't get enough volunteers, but I still think a few signs would have helped.

Once I got to the race village I checked in my bag and made a dash for the start line. (Word of advice: do not pin your number on whilst running. You will poke yourself.) Thankfully I made it there just in time for the race to start, and then we were off!

Sadly I didn't manage to take any pictures on the run itself as I was focusing on getting round, but it was a really lovely run - under the trees in the sunlight and then snaking across the Marshes past the cricketers in their whites, before finishing up along the river and then turning off back to the start.

I managed to complete the run in 34:50 - not my best time, but considering I hadn't really had time to prepare beforehand I don't think it was too bad. It was a flat course though so I would have liked to go faster, but at least it's something to aim for next time!

Me (very hot and sweaty) and my medal. Is it wrong to be weirdly proud of that?

Overall I enjoyed the Run Hackney 5K - it's a great course with a really nice atmosphere and the volunteers were really friendly and helpful. As I said I'd have liked to see some better signs to the race village but next time I'll just arrive earlier. And I'm definitely going to try and come back to do the half-marathon some day...

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  1. Congratulations! I joined in with our local Park Run last Saturday and did my first ever outdoor 5k, I absolutely loved it. So lovely running outside round a lake full of ducklings and baby geese than it is staring at a brick wall on the treadmill. Hoping to go back and do it again tomorrow morning, although my legs do still ache from the hills last week so I may have to see how I feel in the morning!