Day Tripper: Brighton (and meeting Cherry Dollface!)

I've been to Brighton on passing visits a few times, but have never actually been to look around properly as a tourist. However, a few months ago I found out that Cherry Dollface (pin-up model, vintage beauty vlogger and all-around awesome person) was coming over to the UK, I decided to combine booking one of her one-on-one sessions with a day trip down there. So a few weeks ago, I set off on the train to the South Coast for a day at the seaside.

In hindsight, I ended up not picking a brilliant day for my visit - it was a combination of fine drizzly rain and gale-force winds all day! - which unfortunately meant that a lot of the stuff I wanted to do was closed. Oh well, I suppose it means I might have to come back soon...

I got the train down from London which took about an hour and a half, then walked from the train station through the North Laine area, I've never really come this way before so took advantage of the opportunity to wander down and exploring a different area - including randomly finding the Banksy graffiti of the two policemen kissing on the side of a pub!

I really wanted to visit Sydney Street in the North Laine as that's where a lot of Brighton's vintage shops are (and they have some brilliant stuff by the way - I ended up snagging a sweet little blue and white check skirt for a bargain price). In keeping with Brighton's tradition as a street art hub, lots of the shops and houses are decorated with brightly coloured paint or artwork, like this picture of Jimi Hendrix.

Street view of Kensington Gardens in the North Laine - I love the cheery bunting brightening up the grey sky.

Eventually I hit the main street in Brighton and decided to wander down to the Pavilion and then the seafront. Unfortunately time and money didn't allow me to go into the Pavilion but even on a dreary day it looked lovely from the outside - very reminiscent of the Taj Mahal.

On the way to the pier I stopped off by the Sea Life Centre; I used to go to the one in Blackpool with my dad when I was a kid so wanted to investigate the original one. As it was packed (and expensive!) I didn't manage to go in but did get a couple of photos:

Doughnut Groyne. Chuckle. (And yes, I do have the sense of humour of a teenage boy.)

Look at the size of the waves on the pier!

The Brighton Wheel - sadly closed due to the high winds.

Soon it was getting close to lunchtime so I decided to venture in search of food, specifically Burger Brothers as I'd heard so many good things about it. Unfortunately as it's tiny inside and I foolishly didn't bag a seat I had to try and find somewhere to sit and eat the burger. In the drizzle. I'm pretty sure that's why I had a cold for a week afterwards...

I got the Simple Jack burger (Monterey Jack cheese, mayo and ketchup) and it was goood. Properly meaty, not too overcooked or too raw, enough sauce to add flavour but not to make it soggy, and held together well - is it just me who hates burgers that fall apart whilst you're eating them leaving a pile of bread and salad? And all for a bargainous £4.50.

If Burger Brothers was worth sitting out in the rain for, nearby Small Batch Coffee was worth getting out of it. Nestled under Brighton's Jubilee Library, it's a wood-and-neon cavern of awesomeness. Their flat white was perfect - lovely and silky, with plenty of kick but no bitterness. And, as a sucker for circus-type design, I love the inside of the coffee cups!

I then ventured off round the Lanes, which are filled with little independent shops including the amazing Choccywoccydoodah - how cool are those window displays?

By this point it was almost time for my appointment with Cherry so I pottered off up to Collectif (where she was hosting her sessions). I didn't manage to take many photos during the session but we had a great time chatting about everything from tattoos to the importance of getting a good leather jacket. She did however give me the most amazing Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything-esque curly volumised 60s do, paired with flicky eyeliner and a nude lip, as you can see below (please excuse my ridiculous grin!):

Overall I really enjoyed exploring Brighton, and getting to meet Cherry was amazing - she is so lovely and did a brilliant job on my hair and make-up. Now I just need to make plans for a return visit!


  1. I love Brighton. I mean, I am probably biased because I live here, but it is such a great city! It's cool to see your perspective of it, though, because these places are all backdrops to my every day life, so I suppose I can be a bit jaded by them. I have never been into the Pavilion either and I REALLY should, since I've lived here for two years in August!

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. I agree about things becoming backdrops; there are so many places I've never been to in London even though I've lived here for four years, because they're just 'there' and I can go to them whenever. And then of course you never get round to it...

      Brighton is awesome though, I will definitely have to come back on a (hopefully) sunnier day!

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