Birthday Wishlist

This time next week, I will be celebrating my 28th birthday. (Yes, in blogging terms I am practically a nanna.) So what better opportunity to dream about what I'd like to get than a birthday wishlist? Here's what I'd love to wake up to on my birthday morning...

Birthday Wishlist

Sewing machine
As regular readers will know, I have been quacking on about learning to sew for ages, and now we've moved and the shed is almost sorted out I can finally get a sewing machine! I've had my eye on this one from John Lewis for a while now, as it seems ideal for a beginner like me - easy to operate, does everything you want and is sturdy but without being too heavy. Love the bright red colour too.

Subscription to Mollie Makes
Well, if I'm wishing for a sewing machine, I'll need some ideas of what to make with it! I've flipped through Mollie Makes a few times and have seen so many lovely quirky things in there that it seems like the perfect accompaniment to learning to sew. Granted I don't expect to be quite up to the standard of some of the projects in there yet, but hopefully it'll give me some inspiration to get beyond just sewing on buttons and fixing hems...

My Burberry perfume
Unusually for me, there isn't an enormous amount of new makeup I want at the moment; it's all bits of things I've been lusting after for a while. However, the one thing at the top of my list is a new perfume, and My Burberry would fit the bill perfectly. It's floral, but clean at the same time - think being in a park after the rain - and is something that could be worn as an everyday perfume as well as during the evening when you want to feel pretty and girly. Plus the bottle, with its trench-button top and fabric ribbon, is absolutely adorable. dinosaur necklace
I encountered at the Bloggers Festival the other week and am already a bit obsessed with their range of beautiful quirky jewellery - everything from infinite loop rings to unicorn ear studs - but the winner for me is their dinosaur necklaces. Although this diplodocus is my favourite, they also have a T-rex, triceratops and stegosaurus so you could have a whole fleet of dinosaurs if you so chose! They also feel lovely and solid but without the sense they'd give you neckache from wearing them all day. Definitely top of my wishlist this birthday.

Kinky Boots tickets
In an ideal world, I would celebrate my birthday with a trip to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, then a nice lunch out somewhere and finishing off with a trip to the theatre to see Kinky Boots. I am in love with the film (especially this scene) so when I heard the musical was coming to London I was stupidly excited. It's the story of Charlie Price, who takes over the failing family shoe factory after his father dies, and drag queen Lola who introduces him to a niche market that might just save the firm. The soundtrack is packed with toe-tapping sing-along hits and the message is so utterly uplifting that I can't imagine a more perfect birthday show.

Tatty Devine cat brooch
More jewellery! Tatty Devine has some amazing pieces this season - I'm particularly enamoured of their lipstick necklace which would look great with a white shirt - but the second I clapped eyes on this adorable little cat brooch I fell completely in love. He looks exactly like a certain feline friend of mine (more on him and his brother on Sunday) and would really stand out pinned to my bright red wool coat on a chilly winter's day.

Colin the Caterpillar cake
Because it's my birthday and darn it, if I want a chocolate caterpillar cake then that's what I'm going to get! We're planning to host our housewarming on the same weekend as my birthday (essentially because I am too lazy to organise a night out) so the plan will be for some kind of delicious epic buffet and a birthday cake. Colin is ideal for that - crowd-pleasing, easy to serve and pretty darn cute to look at, I think you'll agree!

What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. YES great picks! I have that dinosaur necklace and I kind of LOVE it, and caterpillar cakes are the best!! xxx


    1. The dinosaur necklace is ace. I've asked my sister for it so fingers crossed...