Stylist Live

I'm a big magazine reader (my bedside table looks like a regional branch of WH Smith most days), but one I always come back to is Stylist. I really like their mix of articles - often on really unexpected subjects - and the style makes me feel like I've spent an hour in the company of a really well-informed friend but without being patronised. So when, a few months ago, they announced they were running a live event, I signed up straight away. That event - Stylist Live - finally rolled around this week, and so I set off to the Business Design Centre in Islington for a day of fascinating talks, brilliant shopping and amazing food.

Starting my day off right with a flat white from Grind (excellent as always) and a seven-berry doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts (a new discovery, utterly delicious and a very good test of lipstick durability. Mine - L'Oreal Blake's Red - unfortunately did not do that well).

My first stop was a talk by Sam and Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo on beauty blogging and building your brand. It was really interesting to hear about their start on YouTube, their tips for how they juggle everything going on in their lives and where they see the industry in five years' time. I really loved Nic's comments that there was room for everyone in beauty blogging and that their drag queen video was the one they were most proud of, as it showed the power of make-up for self-expression and creativity. Their enthusiasm and passion came through in spades and I came away feeling really inspired to re-start my blogging mojo.

Sam also created the most amazing bronzey smokey eye on stage - I'll definitely be giving this a go on my next big night out!

I had a bit of time before the next talk I wanted to go to, so decided to grab some lunch at Anna Mae's mac 'n' cheese. I highly recommend the Kanye Western, with hot dogs and barbecue sauce. (There would be a photo of it here but it had all gone in my face within about three minutes).

I then had a wander round the exhibition centre and a look at all the little details like the Stylist covers hanging from the ceiling.

A quick wander round the stalls in the exhibition - I loved the striped wallpaper at Flamingo Candles (their Darjeeling Tea and Thunderstorm candles smell amazing by the way) and couldn't resist the samples at Truckle!

Got to love the delicious Portobello Gin for its slogan 'A Capital Bracer'. Is it wrong that I want this sign in my kitchen?

This is possibly far too early, but I loved this Christmas tree decorated with candles in buckets.

I am coveting this jumper from Young British Designers.

The 'Make Your Own Birchbox' stand. I didn't partake because I've done it before and had the October Birchbox to pick up from work on the way home (more on this soon!), but it looked like a lot of fun.

I can never resist a bookshop. Even a pop-up one.

I was very intrigued by Little Ondine which sells the most beautiful peel-off nail polish in every colour under the sun. So many pretty colours!

Loving the space-age look of the Clarins stand.

The Simple Things stand - I love this sign! They also had a sign where you could write a note with something simple that makes you feel good and it might appear in the magazine; I wrote 'the feeling you get after a really good workout' (man I miss exercise).

After that I popped over to the Culture Lounge to sit in on a talk about women in sport, and then off to see Stylist's Features Editor Lucy talk about how to pitch to the magazine where I picked up loads of great tips. Then it was a hasty dash to Speaker's Corner to see two of my favourite beauty bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup.

Lily and Anna were both absolutely lovely and their talk was really insightful. They also very kindly answered my question about juggling blogging and a full-time job (the answer: squeeze it in whenever you can) and were so nice to me when I had a massive fangirl moment!

A quick stop off at the Emerald Street stand to recharge my phone (and scoff a few foam shrimps!)

My moment of fame as a Stylist cover star! Love these ombre balloons in the background.

On the ground floor Stylist had an amazing exhibition of some of their most famous covers - including Lisa Simpson's favourite books, Jessica Ennis, Caitlin Moran and dark fairy tales.

The recreation of the Stylist beauty desk. This is my dream!

Mock-up of Lisa the editor's desk. Love the Pop Art graphics and the article on power dressing your face.

My final talk of the day was by Joanna McGarry, Stylist's Beauty Editor, and it was about how to be a beauty editor. It boiled down to a lot of hard work and graft, but I was really inspired by her, especially her view that the writing comes first. Plus it was slightly reassuring to see that her desk is as messy as mine and the beauty cupboard isn't quite as massive as I imagined...

Overall I had a great day out at Stylist Live; there were so many things to do and see and I learnt loads of really interesting stuff. I also managed to pick up a gorgeous (and massively reduced) black dress from BOB by Dawn O'Porter and the NARS Virtual Domination palette, which I'd been coveting since last Christmas, so consider that a win!

There was loads of other stuff I wanted to do though - such as getting my hair did at the Aveda stand, having my photo taken in front of the Stylist covers, cooking with Duck & Waffle, finding out how to get into travel writing and sitting in on Laura Mvula's set. I'll just have to come back next year I suppose...


  1. Wow this looks amazing and I'm so jealous you met Lily and Anna (they're my absolute favourites). PS LOVE your jumper!

    Chloe X

    1. Thank you! It was a really good day, would definitely recommend going next year. Really affordable too - I paid £25 for my day ticket plus £10 to see Pixiwoo which I think is pretty good.

      Lily and Anna were so nice - I was shaking when I met them but they were really lovely and so friendly, exactly as they come across on their blogs. I think meeting them made my year!

      Jumper is from M&S but an old one I'm afraid - last year or the year before. I love it though, it's lightweight enough to not be too hot but still really snuggly :)