#OktoberFeast at Hawker House

I have been to Munich once and Nick has been twice, and both times we just missed Oktoberfest (and were thoroughly berated for it by hostel staff/tour guides). Thankfully, this year the German tribute to beer and meat came to London in the form of #OktoberFeast, a warm-up event for Street Feast's winter night market Hawker House, which I was lucky enough to win tickets for. So, a couple of weeks ago, I hopped on the Overground and headed down to Canada Water for an evening of tasty food and drink.

After waiting in the queue for about 20 minutes (my top tip for anywhere you have to wait: bring your Kindle) I was safely inside and in the warm, and deciding where on earth to start. It is absolutely massive - even after you walk in and find yourself in the cavernous hall there is another section round the back - so I'd advise getting there early and having a walk round before deciding where to eat.

The event was themed around 'England vs Germany' and, as part of my ticket, I was given a choice of two free beers - one English and one German. I opted for the former (Frontier lager) and, beer in hand, set off to decide where on earth I was going to start eating.

The Camden brewery beer van. I shouldn't love it, but I kind of do.

I like this ranking from 'light' to 'strong' at the American craft beer bar - so often you just get given an ABV and a vague description, so this is really helpful for me to aim for the sorts of beers I like.

The Feasting Menu, with each stall's highlights and a suggested beer to match.

Random statue of a cow. As you do.

Loving the vintage VW campervan at B.O.B.'s Lobster!

Eventually, I settled on Breddo's Tacos for my first stop. I'd seen them last year when they had a stall at Lewisham Model Market, but hadn't managed to sample their wares (this is my thing with street food places: I always feel like I need at least three visits to try everything I want to eat). I plumped for their Smog Rocket short rib taco, with - as the name suggests - ribs cooked in a marinade including Smog Rocket porter, autumn mole and queso fresco. And it was awesome: lovely smoky flavour, juicy meat and a nice crunch from the vegetables to add texture. Good call Laura!

Back out into the main hall to find my next portion...

My next stop was Spit & Roast, which had been on my 'to try' list for ages so I was excited to finally get to sample it. They only had their chicken schnitzel burger left when I got there (another note for Hawker House - get there early!), but it was worth getting. The tang of the sauerkraut and cranberry sauce worked perfectly with the juicy meat and the bun was just the right balance between crisp and doughy. It might be the best chicken burger I've had in London, and that's saying something.

I was on a roll now (no pun intended) so third course was a smoked pork shoulder pizza slider from Born & Raised. Oh my goodness me, that was goood. I'm not normally a massive fan of apple on things but this was perfect - cooked with just enough crunch to balance out the tender pork and the texture of the sourdough base gave it a really interesting edge. If you put a roast pork dinner on a pizza, it would probably taste a lot like this - and that's no bad thing.

Finally, I headed over to Meringue Girls for their Apple Strudel. It was everything I wanted - good-size chunks of apple, sweet but not sickeningly so, and a lovely marriage of strudel with cold vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce (always a winner for me) and meringue kisses. It was the ideal way to round off a lovely evening of tasty food and my only regret was I didn't have enough room - or money - for a second portion.

After all that (and a second beer - Five Points Pale Ale, with a pound off for reusing my stein) I was feeling nicely full so sauntered off back home.

I had a fantastic time at Hawker House; there was so much good food and the atmosphere was bustling yet still very chilled-out. I went by myself but can imagine that if you were there as a group it would be a really fun evening. Plus it's super-cheap - I had four plates and two beers and came away with change from £20 (although granted one of my beers was free with my ticket), which is very competitive compared to restaurants in central London.

Hawker House is now open on Friday and Saturday evenings until 12th December so I'd definitely recommend popping down there for some amazing food and a great atmosphere!

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