For my birthday a few weeks ago, I wanted to have a day of adventures, and that had to include breakfast. I've mentioned before on the blog that, for me, going out for breakfast is a hugely decadent treat, so it only made sense to take myself off somewhere nice first thing. After looking at several options, I eventually settled on Dishoom - and am very glad I did.

As usual, I am epically late to the party on this, as Dishoom has been going for over five years now (the shame!), but I've always walked past it in favour of flashier options whilst always thinking 'I must go there one day'. And so it was that, on a crisp clear autumn morning, I found myself waiting outside the Covent Garden branch with a small queue - around 10 other people - and excited to sample its legendary breakfast menu.

Inside it's all polished brass, dark wood and marble, much in the way I imagine old railway stations in colonial India to have been, offset with walls full of vintage photographs and brightly coloured advertisements. It feels completely like stepping into a bustling cafe somewhere in India and creates a brilliant atmosphere, even at 9 AM on a Saturday. I love the 'rules of the cafe' sign too!

Despite the temptations of the fairly extensive breakfast menu, I couldn't resist the legendary Dishoom bacon naan. An Indian version of a bacon sandwich, it is absolutely heavenly - fresh, slightly doughy naan wrapped around smoky streaky bacon so crispy you could snap it yet without feeling like you're going to break your teeth. Throw in cream cheese (I would never have put cream cheese with bacon but it offsets the saltiness of the bacon really well), chill-tomato relish and fresh herbs, and you've got an amazing breakfast that will fill you up yet doesn't feel overly heavy or stodgy. The only thing I would have liked is more cream cheese, but I say that as someone for whom all the cheese is never enough.

I went for masala chai alongside my bacon naan. I got slightly addicted to it when we were travelling in India (mainly fuelled by buying it as a morning drink on the train) and this was definitely as good as any I've had out there. Rich, creamy, warming yet spicy, it's like a hug in a glass. And best of all, they give you free refills, which will keep you lingering there long enough for just one more...

Overall I really loved my visit to Dishoom and would definitely recommend it for breakfast if you're in the area for a bit of shopping or to visit a museum. Now I just need to go back and explore their amazing-looking dinner menu...

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  1. I went to Dishoom recently for the first time but we were too late for the breakfast/brunch menu ~ definitely need to return and give it a whirl! x