Empties: November 2015

A new month and a new empties post! It's been a pretty successful month for getting things used up, so here's what I've finished off in November:

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Dark Brown
I'm lucky that as I have quite full brows they don't need much doing to them other than a few strokes of brow mascara to keep them in place. This is the first tinted one I've tried (previously I was using a Miss Sport clear mascara) and I really liked it; the sludge-brown colour was a good match for me and the rounded wand felt like I was more able to do short, feathery strokes. I think I'll be repurchasing this at some point as I'm currently using a brow mascara with a more 'traditional' wand and don't like it so much (though that could just be getting used to it).

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara sample
This was in my goody bag from when I went to a Birchbox event with Benefit a few months ago and has been a make-up bag staple since I moved and started having to do my make-up on the train (more on that in a future post). I've reviewed Roller Lash in full here and suffice to say it's still a favourite - I find it holds curl really well, doesn't smudge and separates lashes nicely. I do have a full-size version that I'm still working through and love but I do wish it came in this size generally as it's perfect for travelling.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory
OK, I know this looks full in the picture but I couldn't get any more out of it and couldn't get the pump off to decant it (though if you know how to do this please tell me!), so I'm counting it as an empty. I really like this foundation - it's a really good match for me, lasts well (around 6-8 hours, more with primer) and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. I would say it's a 'good skin day' foundation though so if you're going through a breakout it might not be enough on its own, but definitely something I'd buy again.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel
I love, love, love lemon-scented body products but struggle to find good ones - too often they smell like toilet cleaner. This is the exception and I'm gutted that The Body Shop has discontinued it, as it smells absolutely perfect. It's really clean and fresh but still has that little bit of sharpness that lemon scents need without being too sour. It also pairs really well with the Korres Citrus Body Milk I'm trying to use up, This is my last bottle that I've eked out and I'm gutted that it's now gone forever. The quest for a replacement starts here...

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+
This is one of my absolute miracle products and one I am really paranoid about running out of. It targets blemishes but also the redness and marks left over from spots (a big issue with me as I used to be terrible for picking my face - yes I know, I'm sorry - and my skin takes ages to heal after a breakout). You can use it topically but I use mine all over as a substitute for serum or moisturiser, and find that it makes a big difference in terms of shortening the length of my breakdowns and reducing the marks on my faces. Suffice to say I've already bought another tube!

Colab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in Rio
I've reviewed this product in the London scent here and Rio is much of the same - it absorbs oil and grease really easily and gives my hair a volume boost, but without leaving any kind of residue. The only difference is the tropical fruity scent which I am slightly less keen on than the London fragrance, but if this were the only one available I'd still quite happily buy it. Now I just need to decide which one to try next...

Have you tried any of these products? Which of them is your favourite?

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