Hummingbird Bakery

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I've got a busy or stressful week ahead, I like to plan in a fun thing to do when it's all over so I have something to look forward to. And so it was that yesterday I found myself with a couple of hours to fill that afternoon after taking a half day for an appointment and decided to head over to South Kensington for a visit to the V&A's Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition (more on that on Monday) and to treat myself to tea and cake at the Hummingbird Bakery nearby.

The Hummingbird is something of a London legend and has been on my to-visit list for a while now, but it was only recently that I'd actually got around to visiting. From the outside, it's your typical cheery South Kensington café, with canopied seating that evokes a Parisian street corner. I can imagine it would be lovely to sit outside on a summer's day, but as it was just too darn cold I decided to sit in.

Inside it couldn't be more different - all dark rich aubergine colours and velvet seating. The sumptuous, decadent interior perfectly sets off the beautiful cakes and contrasts the cheerful outside brilliantly.

Check out the size of those whoopie pies! (No, that's not an euphemism.)

Now, what to have? I was seriously tempted to order the raspberry cheesecake brownie, red velvet cupcake and the carrot cake too as they all looked amazing! But eventually my inner six-year-old won out and I went for the rainbow cake.

How pretty is that? It is every birthday party cake I wanted as a child come to life. Although from what the girl behind the counter told me, there's an awful lot of work involved in making it - essentially six vanilla sponges, all tinted different colours then stacked together, sandwiched with buttercream and topped with buttercream icing and hundreds and thousands.

Unfortunately I have to admit that, once I could bring myself to dig in, it became quite tough going. Even though the layers are quite thin, a six-layer cake is a fairly heavy undertaking, and when thick icing is added into the mix it ended up feeling nigh-on impossible at some point. I did manage to eat it all but it was definitely a struggle towards the end. To me that feels like defeating the point of cake - it's something to be enjoyed, surely?

It isn't the cheapest either - my slice of cake was £5.95 to eat in (though to be fair it was enormous) - so it might be worth opting for something smaller or splitting it with a friend. That said, it is the most expensive cake on the menu so don't let that put you off; the cupcakes and brownies are quite a bit cheaper.

So will I be back? I think so, because the cake tasted lovely - the sponge was light and moist but without being weighed down by the buttercream, which was rich but without being tooth-rottingly sweet. Plus the hot chocolate the woman next to me was drinking smelt amazing, so I could well return for that on its own. Overall, a really fun treat but due to cost definitely one to be saved for special occasions.


  1. Oh my gosh I am totally a sucker for sweet treats and cakes and I am happy to pay the price haha, I really want to go now xxx


  2. Their red velvet cake is the best! You should try that next time you visit x