New Year's Resolutions 2016

Happy New Year lovely readers! Hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and are now sufficiently recovered (or, if not, then I'm sending internet bacon sandwiches, full-fat Coke - although does Coke actually contain fat to start with? - and gallons of tea your way).

As is often the way as the year changes, I'm starting to think about what I'd like to achieve in 2016. There are loads of things I'd like to do - you can read the 30 Before 30 post I wrote last year for that - but the ones below are what I'm planning to focus on this year as they're all reasonably achievable targets.

Run a 10k (ideally in less than an hour).
I fell off the running wagon after we moved house - suddenly every weekend was swallowed up with doing things at home and I lost my exercise mojo. However, over the last few weeks I've really missed it and so am determined to get back to it. It's been my goal to run a 10k for a while and there are a few this year I'd like to try - such as the Nike Women's 10K, Run to the Beat and the London Zoo Stampede - with the goal of doing it in under an hour. But first, I need to start actually running again, so tomorrow I'm off to parkrun to see how well (or badly rather) I'm doing at the moment.

Learn to sew.
Nick very kindly bought me a sewing machine as my birthday present in October and I'm sad to say it has sat in its box in the shed ever since (yes I know, I am the worst wife ever). So this year my aim is to learn to sew - by which I mean make one thing I would happily wear out of the house. I've bought a sewing book and am planning to book myself in for a beginners' class at Sew Over It (so keep an eye out for that on the blog!). Fingers crossed I'll be able to show you my very own hand-crafted garment by the end of the year.

Save some 'fun money' every month.
This probably seems like a contradiction in terms, but last year there were a few things I really wanted to buy but couldn't justify due to lack of cash. So I've decided that I'm going to start putting aside £50 a month (at least) for those proper treaty splurges on things like a new camera and a nice handbag. That way it gives me a goal to save for and will hopefully make me feel less guilty about making those big purchases.

Get into a good night-time routine.
Over the last few weeks I've developed a very bad habit of coming home from work, flopping on the couch, falling asleep after dinner and only waking up to stagger to bed. That's not good for my sleep, my skin or my general wellbeing. So I'm aiming to do the following things: take off my make-up when I come home from work; do something after dinner to stop me falling asleep, even if it's just tidying up; and having a proper winding-down routine when I go to bed (spray pillows and sheets with sleep spray, foot cream and bedsocks on, lip balm on, read chapter of book. hand cream on, sleep).

Re-organise my blog.
I've recently got back into blogging and am determined to carry this on into 2016. This is going to include a new design (I've got my eye on this one from Pipdig) and buying my domain name. I'm also planning to post more regularly - initially just Wednesdays and Sundays but would eventually like to work up to four posts a week - and promote my posts more on social media, as well as joining at least one blogger chat a week.

I also have a few smaller goals, such as reading 50 books, using up all my samples and writing my novel, but those are my main aims for 2016. Wish me luck!


  1. Happy new year gorgeous! And great goals I think I agree with them all, I definitely need to get fit again and I would love to get into sewing xxx


    1. Thank you lovely (and Happy New Year to you too!). Let me know if you decide to get into sewing, would love to see how you get on :) And good luck with the fitness resolution!