30 Days Of Outfits: An Introduction

Today's post is a short one, because it's an introduction to a new challenge I want to try. (You know me, I like a good daily challenge!)

Like many of us, I am a bit of a clothes junkie - I like shopping and finding new things that suit me as well as ways to adapt trends to suit my body shape. However, over the last few months, I've become increasingly aware that I have a lot of stuff (one and a half wardrobes, two big drawers and a plastic box of stuff to be more precise). Even more embarrassingly, some of this stuff has never been worn. or only been worn once or twice.

In an effort to address this, I'm setting myself a challenge: to wear a different outfit every day. I'm hoping it'll give me a better idea of what I have in my wardrobe, what suits me and what I can do without, as well as stopping me falling back on the same few outfits all the time.

So, here are the rules (although it's pretty brief):
  • Wear a different outfit every day - no repeats. Any outfit changes, such as for going out in the evening, will be featured but don't count towards the total. Workout gear is the exception as what I have is quite limited and it's still freezing so I need a thermal top for running!
  • I will also try to avoid wearing the same item for more than two days on the run, but can't promise anything.
  • Take a photograph of the outfit every day and put it on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #30daysofoutfits. Don't forget if you're not following me already (and why not?!) you can find my Instagram here and my Twitter here.
  • Write a roundup post every Monday with a summary of the week's outfits and whether I'd wear the items again (not necessarily in that combination).
  • Anything that I haven't worn at the end of the challenge (seasonal items excepted) to be sold or given away, or thrown out if in really bad condition.
  • No buying any new non-essential clothes during the challenge (of course, this means I have now seen loads of really nice stuff I want), to encourage me to wear what I have.
The challenge starts next Monday (29 February). I'm nervous to see if I can do it, but also excited at pushing myself a bit more and trying some things out of my comfort zone. Wish me luck!

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