30 Days of Outfits: Week 1

So I'm a week into my 30 Days of Outfits challenge and so far it's going OK. I must admit I've been slack with Instagramming outfits (more of that next week, I promise!), but I've found that the challenge has pushed me to try some slightly different combinations and given me a couple of ideas for other ways to wear things. So without further ado, here's what I wore in the last seven days...

I should point out that unfortunately most of this stuff is quite old, but hopefully it'll show you how I put outfits together and give you some ideas for how to wear different things. I'm also experimenting with taking the photos at different times of day and angles so apologies that these don't all match!

Clockwise from top left: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tuesday part 2
Monday: Top and skirt from Dorothy Perkins, tights and shoes from Marks & Spencer
Tuesday: Channelling my inner Jess from New Girl today. Dress from Oasis, Primark leggings and shoes
Tuesday part 2: WI meeting so swapped my work outfit for my Joy fawn jumper, Gap indigo straight leg jeans and my winter Converse.
Wednesday: Black dress with hearts and stars print from Asos, tights and shoes from M&S

Clockwise from top left: Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday
Thursday: Meeting friends in the pub after work - dress from Queenie & Ted over long sleeved white top from Dorothy Perkins, with Marks & Spencer tights and boots
Friday: Raccoons T-shirt from Truffleshuffle over long sleeved top from Dorothy Perkins, Gap jeans and winter Converse.
Saturday: Day at home doing blog work then round to a friend's house for dinner. Topshop cake jumper, skirt made from an old pair of jeans (not by me - I'm not that good at sewing yet!), Marks & Spencer tights and boots.
Sunday: Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum then meeting Nick and his mum for lunch. Unicorn jumper from Joy, Gap jeans, winter Converse.

I'm a bit nervous that I've used up quite a few staple outfits this week, but hopefully that will pay off later in the month as it'll force me to be more creative. It's also given me an idea that I very much hae a 'work look' and a 'weekend look', so I'm going to try and cross those over a bit more rather than keeping them separate. Next week should be interesting as I'm at Country to Country for three days - expect a lot of checked shirt/T shirt/jeans combos...

What did you think of this week's outfits?


  1. What a fun idea! I call myself a fashion blogger but the reality is I wear the same pieces over and over again, so I'd struggle with this! Looks like you're doing really well so far though, I love the unicorn jumper! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com
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    1. Thank you lovely! It's tough but I'm enjoying trying to be more creative with my clothes. Definitely worth trying if you fancy it!