30 Days of Outfits Week 2

Welcome back to a (very belated) 30 Days of Outfits post! As mentioned in last week's post, this week I spent three days at the Country to Country festival at the O2 (more on that tomorrow and Sunday) which meant I needed practical clothes to walk round in and that wouldn't be too hot in the arena but were still OK to wear in March. I'm also trying to do a day working from home once a week so am dressing down a bit more for that compared to how I would in the office.

Top row (L-R): Monday, Tuesday; bottom row (L-R): Wednesday, Thursday
Monday: Dorothy Perkins top, Joy geometric print skirt, M&S tights and shoes.
Tuesday: Working from home day as had to take the cats to the vets (they're OK, just a claw clipping but have put on weight so are going on a diet - no more Dreamies!). Dorothy Perkins star print dress, Primark cardigan and leggings, M&S boots,
Wednesday: Joy cockatiel print dress, Primark cardigan, M&S tights and shoes
Thursday: Dorothy Perkins top, world map print skirt from BeckyQueenOfFrocks, M&S tights and boots

Left: Friday; top right: Saturday; bottom right: Sunday
Friday: First day of Country to Country! Dolly Parton T-shirt (Truffleshuffle), red and white checked shirt (H&M), jeans (Gap), winter Converse.
Saturday: C2C day two - festival T-shirt (which I am annoyed is too big because I didn't realise I hadn't got the ladies' one until I got it home) over Dorothy Perkins top, Gap jeans, winter Converse and Topshop leather jacket.
Sunday: Last day of C2C - T-shirt from Animal, shirt from H&M, Gap black jeans, winter Converse and a cowboy hat necklace I bought at the festival.

I had the horrible realisation today that I broke the 'no repeat items' rule because I wore the same shoes three times in a row. Whoops. I would try to defend it by blaming tiredness and needing stuff that was warm and easy to throw on, but given I have two pairs of Converse and it wasn't that cold I don't really have an excuse.

Oh well, onwards and upwards for next week! Hope you're enjoying the series so far. Do you have any favourite outfits from this post?

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