SWALK - Walking For Women With Cancer

So, earlier this month I wrote about why I was walking 12km to raise money for Look Good Feel Better, and the walk itself finally took place last Sunday. Cue me dragging myself out of bed at 6 AM (yes I know, ouch) and setting off into the wilds of Surrey.

The walk took place at Denbies, a vineyard about 10 minutes away from Dorking train station. I did initially get a bit lost - not ideal in the rain! - but once I worked out where the subway was the walk was relatively straightforward and followed a short winding road through the vines and up to the main house.

After registering I set off towards the start line. I actually ended up walking behind Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles for the first section but was too shy to say hi! (Curse my awkwardness...)

The first bit of the walk takes you off up a slight hill and then turns off into the woodlands which was absolutely amazing - it felt like I'd stepped straight into a Lord of the Rings film as the light through the leaves was so beautiful.

Then the route opened out so you were walking along the hillside and could see out over the vineyard and down into the town. Doesn't it look like something from a chocolate box?!

The rest of the walk was a mixture of walking through the woods and along the side of the hills - unfortunately as the weather was so changeable I was more focused on staying dry and keeping myself hydrated (walking is thirsty work even in the wet) that I completely forgot to take more photos! That said, it was lovely in the woods; they were all misty and atmospheric and as I was walking through them the first line of Luke Bryan's 'Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day' ('If I could make a living from walking through the woods / You could bet I'd be sitting pretty good') going round in my head on a loop.

The walk did take longer than I thought it would (the estimate was about two and a half hours and I came in bang on three), but suspect if the weather had been better it would have been shorter. That said, although there were slippery sections and a particularly steep bit of the hill just before the 4km mark, it was actually a pretty easy walk in terms of the terrain so I think would be suited to most age ranges and abilities - I saw people of all ages from little kids to grandparents.

Once I got to the end I received a lovely goody bag (more on that later!) and headed to the cafe for some lunch. It says how hungry I was that I ate the lot in a matter of minutes!

I then had a quick wander through the Beauty Hall that was just off the cafe. As I had to dash off for my train home fairly rapidly I didn't manage to have a proper look around but there were loads of really interesting-looking stands offering manicures, beauty treatments and selling things like mugs and picture frames, as well as some great competitions.

Here is my lovely goody bag - I've donated the popcorn to Nick as I'm not a big Worcestershire sauce fan, but am very excited to try the Bio-Oil and the Karl Lagerfeld perfume. The thing at the bottom under the Bio-Oil box is a Roger & Gallet pomegranate shower gel which will do nicely for future travels. There is more in there too so expect lots of blog posts on the contents soon :)

I'm also delighted to say that I've raised a grand total of £95.18! That might not seem like a massive amount, but it will make a huge difference to women and girls who are suffering the visible side effects of cancer - huge thank you to everyone who's donated.

Overall I really enjoyed SWALK and feel hugely inspired to both try it again next year (and beat my total!) and to do more walking generally. If you get the chance to do this or anything similar you definitely should - it's a fantastic cause and a really lovely day out to boot!


  1. This event looks so good and you raised such a good amount! I LOVE Lily and Anna I probably would have been too shy to speak to them too, I'm such an embarrassing fan girl!

    1. Thank you! :) It was a great day - definitely worth doing if there's anything similar in future. I did tweet Lily and Anna afterwards though and they were lovely!