Why I'm Walking 12K For Look Good Feel Better

Trusty hiking boots which will be helping me on the walk!
I was a very late starter with make-up. For most of my teens my make-up bag was limited to one tube of Boots Natural Collection green concealer to cover up redness from spots (it didn't work that well) and a black eyeliner pencil which I would apply liberally before going out. Everything else was like another world, and I'd subconsciously labelled it as 'not for me', because I didn't have the confidence to wear it and wouldn't have had the foggiest what to do with it.

However, once I got to sixth form and a classmate suggested I should use mascara to make the most of my long eyelashes, I was hooked. I spent the next few years branching out (although for me that mostly consisted of skin-toned concealer and the occasional dabble in eyeshadow) and now, with the help of the occasional YouTube video, feel pretty confident using a range of different products and techniques to create the look I want or to make myself feel a little better about facing the world.

Now imagine having to learn it all again from scratch, because having treatment for cancer has caused you to lose your hair - including eyelashes and eyebrows - or left you looking and feeling exhausted. For many women, this can be massively demoralising and leave them lacking in confidence or not feeling like themselves, which I can imagine is a truly horrible feeling. (I'm probably making this point very cack-handedly, so apologies in advance as I'm really trying not to trivialise this.)

Thankfully, help is out there in the shape of Look Good Feel Better, a charity which provides support to women and teenage girls who are experiencing the visible side effects of cancer treatment through free skincare and make-up workshops. There is more about the work they do here including a great video with women who've been on a workshop talking about how much difference it's made to them. They explain it better than I ever could, but to see the effect it can have on people's confidence and helping them feel like they can fight their illness is absolutely amazing.

So, this Sunday (12th June), I will be walking 12km in the Surrey hills to raise money for Look Good Feel Better as part of their SWALK event. I am a little nervous about it as it's a while since I've walked that far in one go and I am ridiculously unfit (I ran 5k in just over 35 minutes at parkrun yesterday - admittedly my first parkrun in over a month but that's still pretty bad), but the fact that it's for a good cause is definitely going to get me out of bed at 7AM on a Sunday morning - especially as the forecast is currently for rain! - and keep me putting one foot in front of the other.

If you'd like to donate to my walk and give me some further motivation to get myself round then my JustGiving page is here. Please do give what you can - all the money goes to Look Good Feel Better and will make a real difference to women and girls battling cancer. Thank you and look out for a post soon to see how I got on!

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