C2C Social with Lucie Silvas at Brooklyn Bowl

One of the things I've been trying to do more of since going to C2C earlier in the year is to see more live music; it was something I loved doing as a student and then once I started work and wasn't in a place where it was easy to get to gigs I kind of fell off the wagon. So when C2C announced the latest of their regular 'socials' - essentially small-scale shows with one main artist and a couple of support acts - would feature Lucie Silvas I snapped up a ticket as quickly as I could!

The show finally rolled around this weekend and so on Saturday night I headed off to the O2. After a quick pre-show Five Guys burger (which was awesome as always but if you've ever been to Five Guys then you don't need me to tell you that), I made my way over to Brooklyn Bowl for the show, grabbed a beer and found myself a good standing spot. Rule one of being a short person at gigs: get as high up as possible so you will actually be able to see over the head of the tall person who inevitably stands in front of you watching it all through their phone.

Waiting for the show to start...
Jake Morrell was the opening act and I really enjoyed his performance. His five songs were uptempo jangly tracks with melodies which belied their slightly darker, cheekier lyrics - think a more upbeat Ben Howard. Particular highlights for me were his cover of the Beautiful South's 90s hit 'Perfect 10', which had the whole room singing along, and his single 'Not Too Late For New'. Definitely one to look out for in the future.

Next up was Ryan O'Reilly and I have to say he couldn't have been more different from Jake. Taking to the stage alone with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, he span sparse yet heart-wrenching tales of love, loss and London from his album 'The Northern Line'. The thing that really stood out for me in his performance was the raw emotion; at times his voice almost turned into a raw, laced with anguish on songs like 'The One' and 'The Flood', whilst showing his defiance on the likes of 'November' and 'Your New Man'.

Finally Lucie arrived on stage, looking absolutely stunning in a gold-trimmed military-style jacket and black leather shorts. She and her band moved seamlessly through a brilliant set, switching back and forth between low-key ballads and rip-roaring uptempo numbers. What really struck me was the sheer range of her voice; she was equally as home on stompers such as 'Find A Way', 'How To Lose It All', 'Happy' and the anthemic 'Unbreakable Us' as she was on the more delicate tracks like 'Villain', 'Roots', 'Smoke' and 'Shame' The highlight of the set for me, however, was her beautiful cover of Roy Orbison's 'You Got It'. After a barnstorming record of 'Letters To Ghosts', for her encore she performed her first major hit, 'Breathe In', and the beautifully sparse 'Pull The Stars Down', a combination which encapsulated the entire set for me. Her performance was completely spellbinding and I really hope she comes back to the UK soon!

Have you been to any gigs recently?

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